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  1. Hi @hispanico We need a little more input from you so please try disabling the internet and then run Enpass on your system. If you experience any change, please share the feedback with us. Thanks!
  2. Hi @KHK, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. To further investigate this issue, please try to manually save the username of this item and check if the username and password get autofill. If you face any problems in autofill, share the URL with us to check the issue at our end. Thanks for your co-operation.
  3. Hi @Rudi @Helmut Irle, Could you please try to use the assistant in Docked mode and revert to us. To do so, go to General settings -> Enable Docked Mode option here. Thanks!
  4. Hi @teiling88, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share the screenshot of the issue you are facing to us on support@enpass.io to check at our end.
  5. Hi @htakumi, Welcome to the forums! Many webpages offers additional fields apart from username/email and password fields to login into a webpage. Then you can use web-form to capture all the fields on the webpage. Once captured, Enpass will automatically fill the details in the multiple-fields next time you visit the webpage. To capture the webform, enter your details on the webpage. Then open Enpass browser extension, click the Menu > Save Webform. For more details have a look at our user manual.
  6. Hi @To Kö, This could be a temporary glitch. Please make sure that you are connected to the internet while submitting the OTP. If the issue resurfaces, please share the Enpass version and the device model. Thanks.
  7. Hi @Rudi, Thanks for writing back in. We are able to reproduce this issue at our end, and our team is working on it. Hopefully, the fix will be available in future updates. Till then, we will request you to please co-operate with us. Thanks!
  8. Hi @Mariusz, Please update you Enpass app to the latest version(6.5) and share the feedback with us. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.
  9. Hi @teiling88, We have sent you a personal message. Please check your message inbox. Thanks!
  10. Hi @superpit, We have sent you a PM. Please check the inbox and revert accordingly.
  11. Hi @Fair-Monkey, It seems that the repository is not being created. Try running the command in the terminal as given in the screenshot.
  12. Hi @teiling88, We have taken note of this and our team is now analyzing into the issue. Thanks!
  13. Hi @Rudi, We have taken note of this and our team is now analyzing into the issue.
  14. Hi @SuesM, We regret the inconvenience and understand that you’re facing issues with OneDrive sync. Please follow the below steps to restore the sync: Update the Enpass app to the latest version on all the devices. Take a manual backup of the data on both the devices. Disconnect the sync on both devices. Remove the folders Enpass and Enpass1 on OneDrive account. Log in to the site https://account.live.com/consent/Manage with the same Microsoft account and delete all the permissions for Enpass. Re-set up the sync with OneDrive on both the devices and check. If the issue persists, please let us know.
  15. Hi @100 Watt Walrus, Yes! We have fixed the same in version 6.5.0 itself. Please share your feedback.
  16. Hi @vaibhavpal, Welcome to the forums! Please note that the size of favicons(website icons) or custom icons can not be changed. It is default.
  17. Hi @Writer, Thanks for writing back in. Please share the details McAfee product Name, DAT version, and the engine version with us on support@enpass.io to help you better.
  18. Hi @Naj, I assume you are entering the same master password (in the password field) that you used while setting up sync with the DropBox account. To identify the problem: Is it possible for you to disconnect the sync on any one of the other devices(that are in sync with the same account), and re-connect the sync with the same password which you are trying to use in the new laptop? Note: It might break the sync on the other device if somehow the password you enter is an incorrect password.
  19. Hi @100 Watt Walrus, Thanks for writing in. Expected behavior: Enpass should display icons in chronological order of their addition. Present behavior: Enpass displays the icons randomly. We were able to identify the problem and will implement a solution to this in the next update.
  20. Hi @Thoughts?, Update To investigate further on this issue, we have made some fixes, and It would be a great help if you can try the latest version of Enpass and let me know if the problem persists. Thanks for your co-operation.
  21. Update: We have fixed similar issues in the latest version of Enpass. Please update the app to the latest version, and share the feedback.
  22. Hi @teiling88, Could you check if less RAM could be a problem? If there's sufficient memory, try running the strace command and share the results. Thanks for your co-operation.
  23. Hi @Mariusz, Please share your feedback on the latest version of Enpass that has a fix for similar issues. Make sure you update Enpass to the latest version.
  24. Hi @100 Watt Walrus, A new version of Enpass is out that has a fix for similar issues. Please update (if not done already) and share your feedback.
  25. Hi @Joseph, We've released an updated version of Enpass in which we have fixed this issue. We would appreciate if you could share your feedback regarding the import on the latest version.
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