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  1. Hi @iMac,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Sorry to inform you that there is no way to access your data without your master password and if you have forgotten your password, all your data is lost.

    This is to ensure the best and optimum security for your confidential data. To use Enpass again, you need to reset it on your device and start new database afresh.



  2. Hi @Hobs,

    Welcome to the forms!

    As a user ourselves, we totally understand your concern about privacy and security of your data stored in Enpass, and we care for it.

    First things first—At any point of time, we do not have access to the data saved in Enpass. It can never be accessed without the master password you choose. Neither can we share the data with any government or an agency as the data is never stored on a company's server; it is stored offline on the user’s device.

    Thanks for understanding.

  3. Hi @Vincent91,

    Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us.

    We create separate files for attachment to faster the sync process. Enpass downloads the database file every time it got changed on the cloud. Adding attachments to the main database will increase its size, which will cause unnecessary delays in the sync process.

  4. Hi @Fabio @Alex Gerin @fffffuck,

    Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

    For testing purpose, we need a little input from you side so please take the backup of your Enpass data and perform these steps:

    • Disconnect sync from all the devices.
    • Download the debug version of Enpass from this link for Windows device.
    • Now open Enpass --> Settings --> Advanced --> Logs --> Enable it.
    • Now sync with One-drive. When you receive an error code --> Go to Advanced settings --> Logs --> Copy the Logs in any text editor and share with us on support@enpass.io.

    Thanks for your co-operation.



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