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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry for the trouble and keeping you on wait for so long time. We have fixed the issue with WebDAV sync that was causing the high CPU usage along with some issues in memory consumption. We will release an update. Thanks for your understanding! Cheers!
  2. Hello @Ronit We understand the ease in using Windows Hello to unlock Enpass and are done with the development. Soon we will be rolling out the Beta version for our Beta program subscribers. To get your hands on it, please join here and we will push the update to you through Package Flight as soon as it becomes available. Cheers!
  3. Hi @MRE, Thanks for being an awesome customer of Enpass. We are doing our best to add as many features as we can but only after being sure about security of user's data i.e. No leaks and no backdoors are left for any bad guy to get access to your data. Now lets come to the point why we haven't added full-time Windows Hello support yet. To unlock the Enpass keychain, we need master password and thats why you are always prompted to enter that, once the Enpass is exited or killed by OS. So our main fight is to store the master password with the OS in such a way that we can request it
  4. Hello @edenhaus Thanks for being a part of our Beta team and your feedback. Noted for improvement. As per length of password, number 48 might look odd to a normal person. So, we decided to round upto next tenth. Symbol exclusion was a long pending request, so we decided to include it this time. We need to look for how in real world this feature is beneficial for our Beta users and based on that we will take the final steps. We have already considered allowed symbol option for future versions as mentioned by you in another thread. Thanks again!
  5. Hello guys, We also gave a thought to publicizing our development roadmap and would love to introduce it in future. But at the moment we are very busy in development of all long-time-cherished features like portable USB version, Chromebook version, attachments, auto backups and later on multiple vaults (in the same order). These are already very deep and massive features and every single one of them will stick on board for weeks (pulling out drift). And you know there are so many supported platforms which will make it difficult for us to get involved in discussions. We want to keep oursel
  6. Hello @kevin.purcell Sorry for improper UI behavior of Enpass on your Windows device. This is know bug with the framework Qt which we are using. For now you can manually fix this by disabling the auto scaling as discussed here
  7. Hi guys, Are you still getting this issue? We tried this here using the provided demo accounts of ownCloud, but not able to produce it. As requested in the PM to you, if possible can you be online on Skype or Team-viewer to discuss it further. Thanks for your time. Cheers!
  8. Hi @SadE54, Being an offline solution for securing passwords, there is no base for Enpass to implement TOTP support for itself. Second factor authentication is basically for online services and we do not have any of users' data or online accounts with us from where we can verify the TOTP. And this is not even needed for Enpass as the safety of your data is only by your master password which is the only key to access data and we recommend to use strong master passwords for your Enpass keychain.
  9. Hi @Craig Just to confirm, does this happen only when the App is in background? What happens when you manually sync (using Sync now or Sync icon) keeping the App in foreground?
  10. Hi guys, Seems the issue is similar to being discussed in another topic here If its same, please join that thread. Cheers!
  11. Guys, It seems the issue is with WiFi bearer in Qt as mentioned here in upstream bug https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-49953 Renaming bearer directory i.e. /opt/Enpass/plugins/bearer might solve it. Please let us know if it works.
  12. Hi @Craig, Sorry for the trouble you're facing. Is the issue somehow similar to as reported here in this Topic where the CPU usage was also becoming high with failure in Sync?
  13. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your help in finding the issue. We are looking into this bug but are not able to reproduce it here and your help is really appreciable. Enpass does make use of High CPU at the time of unlocking the keychain (mainly due to 24K PBKDF2 iterations), but only for less than a second. So one of the possible cause may be that under some particular conditions/environment/point of time, Enpass is failing to unlock it and constantly trying. There may be other reasons as well. If unlocked, Enpass initiates a sync operation (first it checks if there is something
  14. Hi @kar82, Thanks a lot. So is it working now with this trick at your end after our discussion in Vivaldi's Forum?
  15. Hi @tobias If you're facing this issue in Arch Linux, please have a look a this topic Cheers!
  16. Hi @swissindoor We are really working hard to bring in the features reported so far. Multiple vault will gonna take some more time and will come after attachments support as discussed here Please stay connected with us for the coming Portable version, if it could solve managing multiple vaults for you.
  17. Hi @Wolfgang, Adding attachments and custom templates are in our priority list and will work on them as soon as we release Portable version( Cross-platform), Improved password generator on all platforms, Autofill on Android using notifications and improved Enpass keyboard, improved UWP with TOTP and one surprise feature for you. You can expect Beta versions of specified features in May itself and after their final release, we will work on Attachments and custom templates. Meanwhile instead of custom templates, you can take help of Duplicate feature to create copies of your customized
  18. Hi @iSCSI, Good to know that defining the new variable solved your problem. But what exactly do you mean by "Enpass Locks all Windows"?
  19. Hi @Michael We will look further into pinning the Forum topics. Along with every post, members gets an option to upvote/downvote or to give reputation using corresponding Green up/Red down and a Heart button. May be they just didn't use that.
  20. Hello @edenhaus Noted! Thanks for your suggestion to improve the efficiency and quality of Forums. We are also internally discussing ways to improve the development transparency with our users. The major problem in posting the development plan as a pinned topic for all supported platforms is to define the ETA. Along with the ETA, the another problem is to protect the similar feature being discussed in different product categories. For the time being, we are pinning the most requested feature Topics in our Feature request.
  21. Hello @Mathias Brodala, Actually the actions for clicking on tray icon varies across desktop managers. Being widely used, Ubuntu is a choice of our platform and it uses Unity desktop manager. In Unity, the standard behavior on clicking tray icon is to show a menu. Please let us know your distro and desktop manager and we will try to improve the behavior accordingly.
  22. Noted and will be added in future. Thanks for suggesting
  23. Thanks a lot guys for your suggestions. Noted!!
  24. Hi @lburgazzoli, We initially thought of providing a YUM repository for RPMs but postponed it as it requires extra work for managing packages and testing all the test cases. Majority of people use Debian based package management systems and for other distros we have stand alone installer. Like you, we really love RPM based systems but being a short team, we have to choose our responsibilities very wisely, considering the long list of pending feature requests. Perhaps in future it will be there but I can't assure you for this.
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