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  1. That doesn't work. I uninstalled enpass altogether, checked whether I had any "Enpass" or ".Enpass" folder on documents and I don't. I'm sending attached what I get right after I start enpass for the very first time after being installed. I'm installing from Microsoft Store. There's no "Enpass 5 data folder"; there's only "Backup File". If I click there I'm presented with the following screen: And if I select my file and click "continue" I get the following: I have renamed my file to walletx.db. Really people, developers, someone there inside Enpass has to take a look at this, it is completely unacceptable I can't upgrade my v5 file to v6. I'm a computer engineer, in case you need some sort of test / help / dumps / log / coding / whatever please just reach out. I need this fixed ASAP, not having Enpass on my phone (because I can't restore this v5 file and there's only v6 on apple store) is being really troublesome for me. Just a side-note: I'm still getting "Forbidden, dangerous network" when I try to post here. I have to disconnect from my network and post using mobile broadband. There's nothing dangerous *at all* about my network, it an optical fiber connection and I have a public static ipv4 connection. Just sending a pic attached of this as well: Side-note 2: I had to wait overnight to post this here, because it was telling me "Forbidden: too many requests, please wait a few minutes". Seriously, people of Enpass, get you sh*t together. This is getting beyond unacceptable. Thank you, cicao
  2. I also have the same problem; I was happily using Enpass v5 on both my windows 10 computer and windows 10 phone. But as everyone knows M$ has decided to abandon Windows Phone for good and now I'm trying to use it on my new iphone 11 pro max synced with my win10 computer. However there's only enpass v6 now and no matter what I do I can't update my old v5 data to v6. When I try to do that on my PC, using Enpass v6 (store version) it says 'invalid file'. Another thing: Tell your IT department it's blocking people from posting to your forums saying they're behind a "dangerous" network. That's definetely not my case (I have a public static ipv4) and I have to connect using mobile to post here
  3. Hi; this workaround does not work. I'm trying to use the Microsoft Store version of enpass, it does not have an option "Restore from Enpass v5", there's only "from this PC -> Backup file" When I select that and point it to my old v5 enpass file (be it renamed to walletx.db or not) I get "Invalid File". C'mon guys, migrating from previous version to current versions should be a non-issue, right!?
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