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  1. Hi @Vido I know WiFi sync is one of the most requested and awaited features. I am glad to share that the development of the feature has been done and in the QA phase. A beta for the same has already been planned shortly. Thanks.
  2. Hi @Vido Enpass supports autofilling in Edge browser on both mobile and desktop platforms. For more details please visit https://www.enpass.io/autofill/. Thanks.
  3. Hi @Inkx Many thanks for sharing your findings. I will share them with the concerned team to review and resolve the issue in the future update.
  4. Hi @My1 New Premium One-time users (those who have purchased after Nov 2019) have paid for lifetime for all the features that Enpass has or will have in future under subscription. Stealth was not on purpose rather accidental. It was the Beta version through which the new broke early. May be the German tech blogger was a beta user himself. We planned to reveal the news before the final release. In hindsight, we wish we could have done it in a better way. We will do better in future.
  5. Hello everyone. Thanks for your feedback. A few days back, we launched a new beta version where we introduced two new features as “Breach Monitoring” and “2FA identification”. Since it was the beta version, we were planning to inform users ourselves right before the release of the stable version. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep a lid on it and the news broke which has created more confusion than clarity. So let us clear some doubts. Do I have to pay for the subscription? NO. Existing Pro users are not forced to pay for subscription to use the Pro features.
  6. Hi @My1 New one-time license will be treated as Premium subscriber.
  7. Hi All, Thanks for reading our Privacy notice and your queries on it. I sincerely apologize for the delay in response. The purpose of collecting the PD (esp. email) is to validate the subscription and unlock the related functionalities across devices. We collect the following information for Cross-device tracking Device name Install ID (UDID) Device type Installed OS and version Device Language Device Country We collect the least information required to do the necessary functionalities for license management across devices and notifying user
  8. Hi @kopernikus Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Once the Touch ID is enabled, the Enpass app asks for the Master Password only when the app is freshly started. To avoid this, once the app is opened please keep it running in the Menu bar (instead of quitting it) and it will ask for the Touch ID until the app or system is restarted. You can enable it via Enpass settings > General > Run > Enable the Show Enpass in Menu bar. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi @Friedi I need some more information so that our team can investigate the issue. Please share the: Enpass version. Device and OS version. Chrome and Enpass extension version. Does the issue occur only with the Chrome extension?
  10. Hi @Twizzlers When a webpage is opened, Enpass extension shows the relevant items based on the URL (field type is set as URL) saved in items. So please make your Domain field is set as URL. You can change it via Open the Archive item > Edit > click the Domain field > Set the Field Type as URL > Save it. Now retry and let me know if you still face any problem
  11. Hi @Fabian Bon Sorry to hear that you are still encountering the issue. Please check this forum post and let me know if you still face any problem:
  12. Hi All, The QA team has identified the issue and it will be resolved in the coming updates.
  13. Hi @KevinC Yes. Enpass is an offline app which saves the data locally on the device. So deleting Enpass from one device will not remove the database saved on other devices.
  14. H i Hi @Nille Can you please let me know are you referring to the import the passwords saved in iOS (Apple) keychain?
  15. Hi, Thanks for reporting the issue. It's been shared with the QA team for further investigation. I appreciate your patience while the team work through this.
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