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  1. Enpass Autofill on Oreo causes lag in Pixel Launcher drawer

    Hi All, Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry that you are having troubles with the app. But this is a known issue where if any app uses the Accessibility service of Android system makes the device screen stutter. Enpass uses accessibility service for Autofill and that causes lagging on screen. As soon as there is a related fix by Google, we'll analyze that and revert. The same is being discussed here https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=81950.
  2. Hello dear beta subscribers! Get ready to have something new and exciting to have your hands on before the official release. This beta is all about the support of Enpass WebExtension for Firefox. We all know that the add-on SDK will be a past soon. Moving on with the Firefox, we have come up with the WebExtension version of Enpass extension that will work with this beta update. Since ver 5.5.9 works with both add-on and WebExtensions, please don't forget to install and test the latest Enpass WebExtension. Also, the support for Enpass Add-ons will be discontinued soon. Instead of Firefox store, you would only be able to download the WebExtension and further updates from our website to avoid the usual delay caused by the usual long queue of QA. Download links for Enpass Beta v5.5.9 Windows (.exe) Mac (.dmg) Linux (Installer) Other changes in this update are as below This beta version of Enpass for Mac also supports the Beta, Developer and Nightly builds of Firefox. We loved your pokes for this on Twitter and our Forums. Brushes away a bug that was sticked to Enpass in any of last releases where the clipboard was getting cleared even if it is disabled from security settings. Other minor issues fixed. So go on and share those lousy bugs with us in the Forums posts, and remember that we all here at Enpass love you a lot♡!!
  3. Say HellO to Enpass for Android 'O'

    Hi folks! Say HellO to Enpass for Android 'O' We have just released a Beta update v 5.5.5 for Android. This update aims esp Android 'O' users to help us improving the auto-filling using new Android auto-fill framework. For more details check out the blog post. You can grab the Beta version from here. The complete changelog for this beta is Autofill in Android 'O'- Now Android O users can auto-fill in noted apps using new Android auto-fill framework. Also, you can save new logins in the app with the framework. Option to capture screenshot- Added an option in Enpass' Advanced settings to allow you to take screenshots of Enpass screen. Fixes an issue where the search box was being blacked out while auto-filling using Notifications. Other fixes. Enjoy this pre-release and don't forget to share your feedback. Cheers!
  4. Request for BSD version

    Hi @VulcanRidr I understand that at first look it just seems recompilation, but every new platform addition brings lot of efforts in implementing platform specific changes, release cycle management, testing and support, and at this moment we are too busy to support a new platform. Thanks for your understanding!
  5. Polish auction site

    Hi @mb36 This issue is already in our tracker and will definitely be resolved in upcoming update. Till then I request you to please wait and co-operate with us.
  6. Enpass Often Freezes

    Hi @Nicarlo That's really strange. To get a more clear picture about the issue, we may requires some further details. So please contact our support team at support@enpass.io with a reference to this forum post.
  7. Sort ability plus Store & fill ID

    Hi @snow-white Thanks for sharing your feedback. I would like to inform you that both the mentioned features are already in our task-list for our next major release Enpass 6.
  8. Clicking into items

    Hi @wantom Thanks a lot for sharing the details. It's been forwarded to the dev team, so that they can take a closer look and resolve it.
  9. Can I create a Identification used to all website?

    Hi @Bral The support for 'Identity' is already in our top-priority list and will be available in next major update i.e. Enpass 6. Till then please wait and co-operate with us.
  10. Multi User or AD Support

    Hi all, Thanks for sharing the feedback. It's been noted and shared with the team for further consideration. Cheers!
  11. Freezing on csv/txt export

    Hi @zer0r00t Sorry for the inconvenience caused. It's a known issue which has already been resolved in the recent Beta update. An update with the fix will be rolled out very soon. Till then please wait and co-operate with us.
  12. Request for BSD version

    Hi @VulcanRidr Thanks for dropping a line. I'm sorry to say as currently we don't have any plans for the BSD support.
  13. Hi @janw Thank you for sharing your insights with us, we really appreciate your suggestion and its been duly noted for further consideration. Cheers!
  14. Hi folks! We have just rolled out the much awaited Beta update of Enpass Portable for all the desktop platforms. The complete changelog of this beta v5.5.4 (24) is here: WHAT'S NEW Attachment support: Yes, you got it right, from now on, you can attach files to Enpass. So let it be anything, the snap of your Credit Card, Passport, key files etc., that should not be stored unencrypted to your device can find a secure place inside Enpass keychain. Quick PIN support: Set an alphanumeric PIN to quickly unlock Enpass if the App is already running in the background, otherwise, master password will be required. Touch ID and Touch bar support: Now unlock the Enpass with your fingerprint on the Touch ID-supported MacBook Pro. Also, you will see the enhanced controls in the Touch Bar of your New MacBook Pro. (Mac only) CSV/DSV import: If you’re having your passwords and login details in CSV or any other delimiter separated file, you can now import them in Enpass using the all new custom CSV/DSV data importer. zxcvbn will show the strength of password: We have empowered the password strength indicator with Dropbox zxcvbn to check you from choosing weak passwords. Selective field sharing: Sharing has gone better with an option to choose the fields to be shared rather than the whole item. So now you can share your bank details with anyone by removing login and other sensitive details. Cool, huh! Subset of password: It lets you see certain characters in password specified by position, for example, "1st, 3rd, next-to-last, last" by just mentioning their position in a specified format. A better way to organize items: You can now create sub-folders by right clicking on parent folder in sidebar with an additional feature to move subfolders among parent folders by ‘drag n drop’. We have also improved the drag ’n’ drop behavior for moving items between categories and folders where now you also get the option of copying them (instead of moving only) by pressing and holding the ‘option’ key. More auto-locking options: Added various auto-locking options under security settings of Enpass to lock on system sleep, screensaver, and Fast-user switching. (Mac only) IMPROVEMENTS: Setting up a shortcut for auto-filling: We have changed the way you used to setup the shortcut key for auto-filling in browsers. Now instead of defining it in main Enpass App, you have to configure it in your browser extensions independently. Improved behavior of copying to Clipboard: Now Enpass copies text on clipboard with a tag, protecting the data from being read from clipboard by any other app. (Mac only) FIXES: Sync with WedDAV: Enpass will now show a security warning message (while syncing) to those users who have configured their WebDAV/ownCloud server using a self-signed certificate, and they have to disconnect and set up sync again. Launching of wrong URL from helper: There was an issue with the items having multiple URLs, where, when a user tried to launch the second URL from Helper window (as one displayed on clicking extension icon), the first URL was always launched. Fixed. ERROR -120: Fixed an issue where Enpass shows error -120 while syncing esp. when the system wakes from sleep. Hiding of title bar of Enpass' settings window: Fixed an issue where the setting window of Enpass was presented in such a way that the title bar of setting window went out of scope of top limit of screen. This used to happen when the title bar of Enpass was already near the top of screen and then the settings-window's title bar was appearing just above that with no access to window controls. (Windows only) Problem while establishing connection to extension on Mac having multiple users: Clicking on extension icon was throwing Error (403 or unverified browser) as it was trying to connect with Enpass App executed by another user (in case a user has just fast-switched from another user account). It was not the expected behavior for the user who hasn’t actually installed Enpass App in his account. Fixed. (Mac only) Now the High DPI support will be enabled by default, which you can turn off in the advance section of the Enpass settings,if required. Fixed an issue where some users had to face Error 403 in using Enpass Extension in the 64-bits Browsers. Fixes an issue of high CPU usage while syncing with WebDAV. Another issue while importing from generic CSV/DSV was encountered when the data contains special German letters. Fixed. Fixed an issue when syncing with Google Drive used to stop due to the creation of multiple database files in Drive. Now sync will continue to function with the latest Enpass database. Expect more improvements to come in future builds. An issue where enabling sync with WebDAV/OwnCloud was stuck at connecting has been fixed. Autosave dialog of Enpass helper used to behaving aberrantly by fluctuating once from localized to English language. Fixed. Fixed an issue while importing TOTP fields from 1Password. Memory cleanup for added security of data. Fixed an issue while importing data from Lastpass. Other minor improvements and fixes. Important Notes: Enpass Portable will run as a separate application that will not interfere with your existing Enpass app. For New users only: Before using the Portable version, we would recommend you to please go through the instructions mentioned in the Getting_Started pdf file available in the downloadable zip. Download link The downloadable zip file consists of Executable packages and a Getting_Started.pdf file for installation and usage instructions. Download for Mac & Windows Download for Linux (64 bit only) So what are you waiting for. Get your hands on this major Beta release and share your feedback. Also don't forget to highlight the bugs or issues and keep the dice rolling. Cheers!
  15. Hi @ctrl_alt_pasta Thanks for writing in. We are aware of this issue, and are on it to fix it very soon. When talking from the angle of severity of this issue it can be treated as a low severity for a normal user. Because to see a master password from core-dump, one need to have control over the system, and someone having that level of privilege (equivalent to admin rights), can circumvent every protection of any password manager by getting your master password through other means like key logging, replacing the whole binary with a fake one, etc. Eventually, a password manager can not offer that much security on a tampered or frail PC. But, I am not saying that we are not careful about the security of your data and master password. We are very concerned about it and a fix will be rolled out very soon. And as we've stated earlier, we are on path to refactor Enpass to make it more convenient with sturdiest level of security. Meanwhile, we request our beloved users to please bear with us.