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  1. Hi @robert.endicott Sorry to hear about the trouble and I sincerely apologizes that you haven't received any update from the support team. As far as I think one of the possible reason for your problem might be the 'Auto-submit login' for you Dell CMC item. So I suggest you to please disable it (see attached screenshot) for your Dell CMC item (Disabling 'Auto-submit login' will automatically fill the login details but doesn't auto-submit them to the webpage). Now, visit the URL and once the Enpass fills the logins details, manually click the login button and revert whether it works for you.
  2. Hi @Programie I can understand your curiosity and interest to learn about our business model since we do not charge for our desktop apps, and do not have an on-going subscription for mobile apps but here we are doing well to feed our families here. In the last couple of years, Enpass has gained a lot of trust among the users and has been featured in media. This trust, our consistent effort in bringing the best password management experience to all platforms, and the increased media attention has helped us in increasing the sale of our mobile apps and that's what keeping the finances in green. Also, to increase our revenue we do have other plans to tailor Enpass for enterprises.
  3. Hi All, I would like to share that Enpass is not affected by any of these attacks because Enpass never autofills in a website without your manual input to do so. This is what happens when your try to autofill using Enpass: When a page loads: Enpass does not execute (only attaches) its script when a webpage is loaded except in the case when URL is launched from Enpass app itself. Once the page is loaded: You need to click on extension icon or press the shortcut key for which Enpass will show you the list of items for matching hostname/domain. Autofilling: Enpass fills only for selected entry and auto-submits if auto-submission is enabled. In case, you have a single matching item for that domain and the shortcut key is pressed, Enpass fills that item without showing the chooser window but again it was you who auto filled by shortcut. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi @downloaderfan Thanks a lot for taking time to write in and sharing your valuable thoughts. Both of your suggestions for 'never allowing to view a password without any security and Enpass locks immediately after logging in to a website' have been noted down. Cheers!
  5. Hi @MaxM It's already under development and will be available in any of coming releases. Thanks for your co-operation!
  6. Hi Mark, Thanks a lot for dropping a note. With a paid mobile app (we’ve kept desktop apps on all platform free to promote the use of password managers without a barrier to entry), our focus is in getting more individual users every month – new users as well as those who are jumping between platforms. Since we have to acquire new users every day, our product team stays on toes to deliver better security as well as seamless user experience with each update across the board. Also, we do have plans to work on a subscription model for small and medium businesses as well as enterprise customers. It’s still in the works, but would grow in parallel to the consumer version which will always offer the best password manager experience that you’ve loved. Thanks once again for your kind words. Feel free to contact me for any queries.
  7. Hi folks! We have rolled out another Beta version 5.5 and it comes with the long cherished support for attachments: Attachment support Yes, you got it right, from now on, you can attach image file to Enpass, whether it's the snap of your Credit Card or your Passport and even any other image file that you want to keep confidential in your Enpass vault. To attach other file formats, use Enpass Beta v5.5 for Desktops. Getting the Beta We have pushed the Beta through Package Flight. It will available as an update to existing Enpass app from Windows Store and only to those users who has subscribed our Beta Program for Windows 10 (UWP). Grab the beta and share your valuable feedback. Also, don't forget to highlight the bugs or issues. Cheers!
  8. Hello again, Enpassianss! Here comes another Beta version 5.5 for Android with the long cherished support for attachments. Attachment support Yes, you got it right, from now on, you can attach image file to Enpass, whether it's the snap of your Credit Card or your Passport and even any other image file that you want to keep confidential in your Enpass vault. To attach other file formats, use Enpass Beta v5.5 for Desktops. Get this latest Enpass Beta build from Google Play store by Becoming a Tester and share your valuable feedback. Also, don't forget to highlight the bugs or issues to be fixed before the stable release. Cheers!
  9. Hello, Enpassianss! From the past few months, we've been working hard to bring this magnificent update v5.5 with the most demanding feature to support attachments in Enpass. All new Attachment support Yes, you got it right, from now on, you can attach any file to Enpass, be it the snap of your Credit Card or your Passport or even any other file that you want to keep confidential in your Enpass vault. Check out the Attachment help page here. Fixes Fixed an issue when syncing with Google Drive used to stop due to the creation of multiple database files in Drive. Now sync will continue to function with the latest Enpass database. Expect more improvements to come in future builds. Download You can download the latest beta v5.5 for your platform from the links below, and make sure to quit the existing Enpass app (even from System tray or Menu bar) before installing beta. Download for Windows (.exe) Download for Mac (.dmg) Download for Linux- 64-bit (Installer) The beta update will overwrite existing Enpass app. Please report the bugs or issues here and keep the dice rolling. Have fun!
  10. Hi @riw777 As you might know, Enpass is an offline password manager that saves and encrypts all your database locally only on the device. It treats each device as an individual identity, so when you change your master password on one device, it gets changed for the device's local database and the cloud account (If sync in enabled). The Master Password doesn’t get reflected on rest of the devices (Although database is synced with the same the cloud) because they are not aware of the new password. If Enpass would have been an online password manager, then changing Master Password on one device might gets updated and changed on all other devices. For more details please check out these FAQs: Hope this helps, cheers!
  11. Hi @ak79744600 , Sorry to inform you but if you have forgotten your master password, then there is no way to recover it. Check out here to know more. Also, if you have enabled any cloud sync or saved a backup of your database either manually or over WiFi, then still Enpass requires your master password to allow access to your database. As you mentioned, can you use your Touch ID to access your Enpass database? Well, in this case, the only way to recover your Enpass items is to manually share each item either via Mail or iMessage from your mobile device. Then download Enpass on a desktop device, create a new keychain and manually add each shared item one by one. And make sure after recovering all the data to Enpass, you delete the data from mail or iMessage to avoid any data breach. I know it's a bit tedious, but it's the only way to recover your database. Thank you.
  12. Hi All, Sorry for the trouble guys! The issue has been resolved and an update v.5.4.1 with the fixes has been rolled out. Kindly update your Enpass app asap. Cheers!
  13. Hi @jpenguin I am really sorry to say that currently, we don't have any plan to support Midori browser.
  14. Hi @Seaman Thanks for writing in. All the answers related your queries are given in Italics: Don't ask for the master password again until I tell it to; even through reboots. Security compromise, I know, but no one else even has access to my computer, and I can't stand typing my very long password over and over again. LastPass (the browser extension) could do this As you already mentioned that this feature involves security compromises and it's too risky for user's database security. Also, there might be chances of forgetting Master Password. At the moment to quickly unlock Enpass you can set a PIN code from Enpass security settings. Option to make auto-login truly automatic in chosen sites, like in LastPass, where the username/password fields are filled and you're logged in as soon as the page loads. The user doesn't need to click anything or press any combination of keys. Currently, we don't have plans to for this feature. Autofill for apps and (I realize this is not a feature request) fixing this bug ASAP. Noted and will fix this issue in coming versions. Export to XML file. This feature is already under consideration. Light icon for the browser extensions. Currently if you use a dark theme on firefox or chrome it'll look like this. It's already in our roadmap. Browser extension icon should light up or change colors when you're on a site that you have an entry for. I have my info saved for a lot of sites, but I may sometimes type it in manually, having forgotten that I have it on enpass. Noted and added to the roadmap.
  15. Hi @mherold Thanks for writing in. The feature is already on our roadmap for future versions.