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  1. Vikram Dabas

    Enpass Beta v6.0.3 for macOS is released!

    Hello Enpassians! Today we have rolled out a beta update v6.0.3 for the macOS. This update overall improves the stability of the app by bringing several improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback. The full list of all the changes is: Improvements Significantly improved the synchronization for various WebDAV configurations. A big thanks to all those beloved users who shared the demo accounts and supported us in refining the WebDAV sync. You can now remove multiple items from the Favorites. Improved the Tags management where you would now be able to create nested tags with same name i.e like Folders in Enpass v5. Unlike the previous version, the improved password generator now adds more random digits and uppercase to the pronounceable passwords. Optimized the CPU usage which was going high due to an animation of sync icon. Added an option to quit the Enpass app through close button completely. This will prevent the app from running in background and thus the Enpass icon won’t always be visible in Menu bar. The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro now shows the option to use Touch ID to unlock the app. The item editing window now adjusts itself in accordance with the main app window providing enough width for writing the notes or information quickly. When a new item is created with any tag selected in sidebar, the item will be tagged upon creation. The app now shows a warning dialog before moving an item to Trash. Improved the synchronization with Google Drive. The index of any password (when viewing in large) now starts with place one instead of zero. Enpass can now import the JSON file exported from the Bitwarden password manager. Fixes An issue where the Enpass Assistant was taking longer in auto filling the details in a web-page. An issue where Auto-save dialog in the dark theme was appearing in Grey, making it hard to read, has been fixed. The app was freezing while setting up the sync is now fixed. Due to the Proxy configuration on some of the desktops, the update was not getting the download. Fixed. A bug where the Enpass extension didn't show the Auto-save window while signing up or entering the login details in a web-page. Fixed. A rare bug where double-clicking an item in Enpass extension doesn't fill the details in the corresponding web-page has been fixed. Fixed an issue when was Enpass was crashing on opening an item from the browser extension (Enpass Assistant) using the down arrow and Enter key. Fixed a problem where renaming the Tags was not being synchronized with other devices. Fixed an issue where the Folder sync was not working. Importing data from KeePass with the empty titles made the app to crash. Fixed. Fixes an issue where pressing Cmd + F in Enpass extension was not bringing the focus on Search bar if an item was selected in the list. Download Enpass Beta v6.0.3 Get your hands on this beta version and share your valuable feedback. If there are other improvements you’d like to see, please leave a comment below. Cheers!
  2. Vikram Dabas

    Latest Enpass 6 beta for Mac is now available!

    Hi, I want to share that Last Synchronized and Last Attempt are two different timings. Last Synchronized is the time when the actual syncing of data took place last time and the file was successfully updated on the cloud, while the Last Attempt refers to the time when Enpass looked for any changes in data on cloud (and there might be chances that it didn't find anything to sync and is not matching with Last Synchronized). This is why you see different time stamps for both.
  3. Hi, Being a beta tester has advantages and disadvantages – you get access to the latest features and updates before anyone else, but you have to suffer through glitches and bugs. The same happened in the previous beta update where our Android testers had plagued with a frustrating bug that didn't allow them to configure sync on their Android devices. We have now fixed this bug, and an update v6.0.0.93 is currently available on Play Store. The complete changelog includes: Fixed an annoying bug that couldn't let the users configure sync on their Android devices. Fixed a bug where the previous beta got crashed while upgrading the Enpass v5 data. In the case of multi-user accounts, installing beta in the secondary account didn't restore the previously loaded data and showed the Welcome screen. Fixed. Fixed an issue where entering some symbols in the search field made the app to crash. Minor fixes and improvements.
  4. Vikram Dabas

    Enpass 6 beta for Linux is now available

    Hi, The instructions to install the latest beta for Linux are mentioned in this FAQ. Please try and let me know if you still face any issue.
  5. Hi, I am really sorry that the things become a little messy. You don't need to uninstall the v6.0.0.198. You are using the correct app and please continue with this same.
  6. Hi, As mentioned in the previous post that the official release of Enpass 6 will be rolled out over the current Enpass 5 app. So in case if you are still using the Enpass 6 beta standalone app, then I recommend you take a back of its data and uninstall it. Install the latest Enpass beta (rolled over Enpass 5 app) and restore your data. It will help you as all the further beta updates along with the Enpass 6 official version will be rolled over this recent update.
  7. Hi, That's really strange. We might need to take a different look into it, and we require help from your side. It might help us solve the mystery. Please follow the steps given below and let us know if the issue gets resolved: Quit the Enpass app, even from the system tray. Go to Documents > Enpass folder > Rename it. In case, if you have changed the default location of Enpass data then go to that location and rename the Enpass folder. Open Enpass, and it will show the Welcome screen. Click I am a New User and create a new database. If all things go well, then go to Enpass Settings > Advanced > Erase everything. Again the Welcome screen appears, click Backup File under the From this PC > Locate the Enpass 5 data (From the folder which you renamed earlier) > Enter Master Password and Done.
  8. Vikram Dabas

    Beta version from Windows 10 Store

    Hi All, Actually, the beta versions of Enpass for Windows Store app and Edge extension are distributed through PackageFlight, and it will available as an update to existing Enpass app from the Windows Store. So, if you’re not a part of the Beta program then you can join it here. Also, while subscribing the beta for Windows 10 please provide your Microsoft Account ID (E-mail). Apart from this, the beta versions are free and will not prompt you to pay for the Premium features.
  9. Hi, Apologies for the trouble. We are aware of some issues in the sync functionality and are working to get everything back up and running again normally ASAP. We appreciate your patience while we work through this. Thanks.
  10. Hi, No. Enpass 6 will be rolled out as a free update to the existing Enpass 5 app and will restore your previous purchase. Also, the minimum requirement to install the Enpas Store app (With Pro features) is Windows 10. But since you are using the Win7, so at the moment you can only install the Enpass website version which unfortunately doesn't offer any Pro features.
  11. Sorry to hear about this. Please provide the following details to help us investigate the issue: Device you use. The error message you are getting while enabling fingerprint. Have you installed any custom ROM on your device?
  12. Actually, the beta versions of Enpass for Windows 10 and Edge extension are distributed through PackageFlight, and we require your Microsoft Account ID to add you as a tester. To get the update, please join our Beta Program here. Also, the beta versions are free through PackageFlight and will not prompt you to pay.
  13. Vikram Dabas

    Can't setup sync

    Hi, Please download the latest beta version on your Windows device and try again.
  14. Vikram Dabas

    Enpass 6 beta for Linux is now available

    Hi, Sorry, no plans for universal package at the moment (Still confused between the Snap vs Flatpak battle). Also, many thanks for your support. The Enpass desktop app for Linux is totally free with all features and third-party audit for Enpass is already underway.
  15. Hi Hardeep, Thanks for the feedback. Your suggestions are already on our roadmap.