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  1. Hi @Inkx

    21 hours ago, Inkx said:

    Finaly found my problem that seems to be an Enpass bug.

    I have 2 network drive mounted on my laptop and Enpass try to connect on it even if there is no Enpass's Data at all...

    After deleting network drive Enpass is no more lagging.

    Many thanks for sharing your findings. I will share them with the concerned team to review and resolve the issue in the future update. 

  2. Hi @My1

    19 hours ago, My1 said:

    1) on what basis resides the claim that premium one-timers are not having to pay for stuff again and how are users supposed to trust that, as technically speaking, you could throw in a "deluxe" feature set next year and expect payment for these again.

    New Premium One-time users (those who have purchased after Nov 2019) have paid for lifetime for all the features that Enpass has or will have in future under subscription.

    19 hours ago, My1 said:

    2) why the stealth? As said I havent found an announcement or anything really, there was just the update and then the news reporting on some german tech news site.

    Stealth was not on purpose rather accidental. It was the Beta version through which the new broke early. May be the German tech blogger was a beta user himself. We planned to reveal the news before the final release. In hindsight, we wish we could have done it in a better way. We will do better in future.

  3. Hello everyone. 

    Thanks for your feedback. A few days back, we launched a new beta version where we introduced two new features as “Breach Monitoring” and “2FA identification”. Since it was the beta version, we were planning to inform users ourselves right before the release of the stable version. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep a lid on it and the news broke which has created more confusion than clarity. So let us clear some doubts. 

    1. Do I have to pay for the subscription?
      • NO. Existing Pro users are not forced to pay for subscription to use the Pro features. 
    2. Will I lose my Pro license if I do not pay for Enpass Premium subscription?
      • NO. You can continue to use Pro license without losing any existing features even if you do not pay for “Enpass Premium subscription”.
    3. Will I continue to get new updates and fixes with Enpass Pro even if I do not pay for Enpass Premium Subscription?
      • Yes. We will continue to provide fixes and app improvements and updates to Enpass pro users. You do not have to pay for Enpass Premium Subscription for these fixes, app improvements and updates.
    4. Do I have to pay for every new feature as a Enpass Pro user?
      • No. Enpass will provide lots of new Pro features for which Pro users do not have to pay again. One of them includes Sync over Wi-Fi. 
    5. Which features do I have to pay for as a Enpass Pro user?
      • Enpass pro users will have to pay for Enpass Premium features. 
    6. I have a one-time license which I purchased recently after the launch of a subscription last year. Do I also have to buy a subscription to use premium features? How can I check the eligibility of my license? 
      • Last year on November 19, we launched a subscription in addition to the “Enpass Premium One-time license” which is different from “Enpass Pro One-time license”. If you have purchased “Enpass Premium One-time license”, from or after Nov 19, then you will get Enpass Premium features without any additional charges. 
        You can check your license-type from the “Enpass Settings” and see your License type at the top under Account section.  
    7. What are Enpass Premium features and what is the benefit of having them?
      • Enpass premium features are those that require significant effort in research with recurrent maintenance cost generally due to involvement of additional services. The newly introduced Premium features in this Beta are Breach monitoring and 2FA identification that add significant security by alerting you if there is any breach in the websites you have saved in Enpass so that you can timely change the password.
    8. Why do I have to pay for Enpass Premium features?
      • There are certain features that require us to put in recurrent effort in terms of manpower and financial resources to keep the service updated. We would have liked to offer these services free of cost to Pro users, but unfortunately we cannot cover the cost from one-time pro licenses. That is why we have chosen to keep Breach Monitoring as part of our Premium services.

    Hope this answers your queries. We look forward to your support. Thanks.

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  4. Hi All,

    Thanks for reading our Privacy notice and your queries on it. I sincerely apologize for the delay in response.

    On 6/25/2020 at 8:03 PM, Hobs said:

    Yes, I understand that the vault is isolated and that no one has access to its data. My question was regarding the tracking of activity and other PD you collect and how that is treated. Can you shed more light on this topic in particular, the third parties you share it with and this Indian company? . Thanks. 

    The purpose of collecting the PD (esp. email) is to validate the subscription and unlock the related functionalities across devices. We collect the following information for Cross-device tracking

    • Device name
    • Install ID (UDID)
    • Device type
    • Installed OS and version
    • Device Language
    • Device Country

    We collect the least information required to do the necessary functionalities for license management across devices and notifying users for Enpass activation on devices, including marketing activities, to analyze cross-device usage. 

    The clause of sharing data with business partners is solely to cover the relation between Enpass and Sinew. Sinew is the Indian entity responsible for developing and maintaining Enpass. We have recently changed the principal place of business to the US from India, and the transition of apps is under progress. As soon as the transition is done, we'll update the policy to avoid any confusion for our users. Both the Enpass technologies Inc and the Indian entity are under the same leadership.

    On 6/25/2020 at 8:41 PM, BeanBagChair said:

    I agree with others users about the concerns with PD sharing. I moved from Google Chrome password manager  to Enpass because of privacy concerns and I would move to another PM if you are selling our data. Can we have the option to opt-out of sharing the data?

    Thank you!

    Your concern is totally valid, and we appreciate it. As clearly mentioned in our notice, we do not sell or rent your PD to anyone or third party services. Stay assured that your data with Enpass is safe and secure.

    Vikram Dabas

  5. Hi @kopernikus

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Once the Touch ID is enabled, the Enpass app asks for the Master Password only when the app is freshly started. To avoid this, once the app is opened please keep it running in the Menu bar (instead of quitting it) and it will ask for the Touch ID until the app or system is restarted.

    You can enable it via Enpass settings > General > Run > Enable the Show Enpass in Menu bar.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Hi @KevinC

    For macOS, the deletion of all Enpass data depends upon the source of Enpass installation (whether you’re using App Store or Website version).

    • Apple App Store: Click and hold on the Enpass icon in Launchpad, and Enpass icon will start jiggling with a ⊗ sign on it. Use that, and your application will be uninstalled with the removal of Enpass container (data) from Users/<home-folder>/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.
    • Website version: If you have installed Enpass from our website, you need to delete both the app and data manually. To remove information, you need to delete the Enpass folder from Documents (which is the default location). If you have ever changed the location to somewhere else, you need to remove it from there too.

    Also, if you have ever exported or manually taken a backup of your data, then you need to delete that too from the device.


  7. Hi @chribonn

    Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, Enpass is an offline password manager and doesn’t keep any of your information on any cloud/server. Two factor authentication is generally used in online services where the requested data is transmitted after validating the user through a second factor (generally an OTP on phone or email) and works as an extra protection, which is not at all required in case of offline services as your data is with you only.

    Also, being offline is not a limitation of Enpass but gives you a peace of mind that your data is with you only. But to add extra randomness to your Master Password, you can use a KeyFile in Enpass. A KeyFile gets appended to your Master Password before the actual encryption or decryption of your data happens. So, even if someone, somehow gets access to your data and your Master password is also compromised (a worst case scenario), your data is still safe as the KeyFile is required to decrypt or access your data.

  8. Hi @ashtin

    You can't manually copy/paste the Enpass files from OneDrive to Google Drive as the Enpass data on Google Drive is hidden and can only be accessed via the app using the cloud synchronization.

    So the best way to do this is

    1. Open Enpass on your device has the latest database.
    2. Enable the sync with OneDrive to merge/upload the database.
    3. Disconnect sync with OneDrive,
    4. Now enable sync with the Google Drive and your latest Enpass database will automatically be uploaded to Google Drive. You can use it henceforth.
  9. Hi All,

    Sincere apologies for all trouble you are going through. Our dev team has identified the issue, and an update with the fixes has already been submitted to the Store. It's under quality check and will be rolled out soon. We appreciate your patience and co-operation.

    Also, recently we've released a beta update (.pkg) with the fixes. So if you want to give it a try, then you can install it from the here.


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  10. Hi

    Yes, you can manually restore your data from mobile to PC without using the cloud sync.

    But once a database is created in v6, there is Restore option in the app settings like it was available in previous app versions. In v6 'Restore' option is available only in two scenarios:
    1. When the app is freshly installed.
    2. A new vault is created
    So to restore an existing Backup (without the sync), please follow these steps:
    Case 1- Restoring data from Mobile to PC
    Step I: Taking Backup from Mobile
    • Open Enpass on mobile.
    • So to App Settings > Advanced > Backup > Wireless Network > Follow the instructions and save the backup.
    Step II: Restoring Backup into PC
    • Open Enpass on PC and go to Menu > File > Backup All Vaults > Save it.
    • Now open app Settings > Advanced > Erase Everything.
    • The Welcome screen appears. Choose Files under the Backup option and locate the backup saved in Step I.


    Case 2- Restoring data from PC to Mobile
    Step I: Taking Backup from PC
    • Open Enpass on PC and take a backup via Menu > File > Backup All Vaults> Save it.
    Step II: Restoring Backup into Mobile
    • Open Enpass on mobile device and go to Settings> Advanced > Backup > Eternal Device > Save it.
    • Now again go to Advanced settings > Erase Everything.
    • The Welcome screen appears. Choose WiFi under the Backup option and follow the instructions to restore the database saved in Step I.
    Repeat the same steps whenever you want to restore a database.
  11. Hi All

    I apologize for the inconvenience. We were having some temporary technical issues with the Enpass extension for Chrome browser. The issue has been resolved and you can install the extension.

  12. Hi @recrudesce

    13 hours ago, recrudesce said:

    So, running this on a Chromebook (Pixel Slate) is not a particularly great experience.  It takes about 60-75 seconds for the application to unlock after I type in my Master password (sometimes it doesn't even unlock, and just goes back to the password entry box), then it takes a further 20-30 seconds to load the password vault.  This happens if I use the native Android application to unlock, and the beta Chromebook extension and irrespective of how long it's been since I previously unlocked - as in I can type my password in, wait 70+ seconds, see my vault after 20 seconds, instantly lock the vault, and have to wait again.

    That's very unfortunate, and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    I require some more information so that our team can check and investigate the issue.

    • Enpass version.
    • The number of total items in Enpass (across All Vaults).
    • Chrome OS version.
    • Do you use keyfile with your master password to login into Enpass?
    • Have you enabled sync with any vault? If yes, please share the cloud services.
    • Does the problem occasionally occur or every time you unlock the app?
    • Has this issue occurred after changing some configuration in Enpass?

    Also, please disconnect your Chromebook from any internet connection and then open the Enpass. Now check and let us know does the app still takes time to unlock it.

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