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  1. Hi all, I can feel how curiously you have been waiting for Enpass on Chromebook and it's my pleasure to share the teaser of Enpass on Chromebook. Check out our Blog post and the Teaser video. Cheers.
  2. Hello @Malcolm Many thanks for showing interest in Enpass and giving it a try. No worries even if you travel a lot (sometime without internet) as being an offline app, Enpass lets you access your data anytime and any place without any internet connection. In the above mentioned scenario, for now the only way to access database is to first install Enpass on public computer or a borrowed smartphone and then restore your database on it. I know its very troublesome and not always possible. Don't worry, very soon we will release Enpass Portable version (The development is already done and soon we will roll out the Beta version). Its like a complete desktop version of Enpass for all platforms in a single USB drive. That means you don't have to worry about installing it before using. Just plug it and use. No, there is no web app for Enpass but as said Portable version will solve the purpose. In that case, you need to remember two passwords: Master Password and your OneDrive password from where you would be restoring your database. But in that case, again the portable version will be a life saver as you have to remember only your Master Password to access your OneDrive login details. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi @el3302 I can feel your curiosity regarding the availability of Enpass Edge Extension. We are burning candles on both ends to release the update with in first half of upcoming month. Please bear with us.
  4. Hi @JB Labelle There were some technical issues with Microsoft Windows Store due to which we were unable to roll out update for Enpass Beta. The issue has been resolved now and we have pushed the update through Package Flight (You might have also got intimation mail from us). It will be available as an update from Windows Store (Might be available to you by now). Cheers!
  5. Hi guys, Enpass says 'Full-time' Hello !!! We have just released Enpass Beta v5.0.6 for Window 10 with following changes: Full time Windows Hello support - Now you can unlock Enpass every time using Windows Hello unlike previous version where it was mandatory to provide master password once the Enpass was closed. TOTP - Enpass is now capable to save and show the Time Based One Time Passwords. Improved Password Generator - Using the Diceware algorithm, Password generator can generate strong and pronounceable passwords in better way. Option for Password History on Details Page. Option to Change Category on Details page. Sensitive fields on Edit page will be displayed by bullets. Scaling issue in large displays fixed. Fixed an issue with WebDAV sync while using self-signed certificates. Option to manually unlock using Windows Hello on Login page. The Beta is available through Package Flight to only those users who has subscribed our Beta Program. You will be prompted to update your Enpass App on the Windows Store. So what are you waiting for. Download it and get your hands on this pre-release version. Please don't forget to highlight the bugs or issues here and keep the dice rolling. Cheers!
  6. Hi guys, First of all, thanks for joining Enpass Beta Program. I can understand how eagerly are you waiting for Edge Extension and we are doing our best to release it asap. It will work with Traditional Desktop version and currently is in Alpha Testing. Once we will roll out the Beta, you'll definitely get a mail with instructions to use it. Thanks for your valuable suggestion and it has been noted. No, none of the Beta subscriber has been removed from the list. We have just renamed Windows platform as Traditional Windows. So if you had already enrolled yourself for Windows Beta testing, then you are still a proud member of Enpass Beta Program and you will definitely receive an email whenever there will a Beta for Windows desktop app. Cheers!
  7. Hey Windows 10 users , I know many of you have been eagerly waiting for Enpass Extension for Edge Browser and guess what, I’ve got some great news here! The development of Enpass Edge Extension is almost over and very soon we will release a Beta version of it exclusively for our Beta subscribers. The Extension will only work with Enpass Traditional Windows Application (not UWP app) and available for Windows Insider users. If you are using Windows Insider then get your hands on Enpass Edge Extension by joining our Beta Program : https://www.enpass.io/beta-program/ Also have a glance of our all new Enpass Edge Extension. Cheers!
  8. Hi @morten_bendtsen I can understand your concern but it is very less likely that your data will be corrupted. In any case (even if you're not a Beta subscriber) we always recommend to take a manual Backup of your data in your system.
  9. Hello @msirapian Thanks for showing interest in Enpass. Currently Enpass doesn't support direct import from Firefox browser, although app supports import via Generic CSV. But due to users database's safety and security we can't recommend to export any of your database using a third party extension, as the extension may access your information.
  10. Hi @MaxM and @kevin.purcell I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Enpass can detect only the login forms on any page and auto-fill Username/Email/ Password fields, while all other fields would remain empty. We have plans to work on an improved version with complete Form-filling that will save all the fields from the page inside Enpass keychain. I can't assure any ETA for this and only can say that it will be available in any of future versions. Please bear with us. Cheers!
  11. Oops, deleting 3000 items will take some time to complete. Our bad that we do not show a progress bar. However, the best way to reset Enpass on every device is: Go to Enpass settings--> Advanced--> Erase everything. Also if you have enabled cloud sync, then delete Enpass file from the cloud as well. For more details please read the given FAQ: https://www.enpass.io/kb/how-can-i-reset-enpass-to-start-over-with-fresh-keychain/
  12. Hello Guys, For the first time we are introducing Beta Program for iOS platform. Get your hands on the Pre-release version and enjoy all new features before official release. For that you have to Enroll yourself for our Beta Program using the same Apple ID where we will push the Beta versions through TestFlight. Please help us in improving Enpass by reporting issues and bugs encountered by you. Cheers!
  13. Hi all, First of all many thanks for your active involvement in our Enpass Forums. This involvement not only provide us your valuable feedback but also help many other Enpass users in resolving their queries instantly. After releasing so many updates, we are feeling exhausted and have planned a short off site tour to Chopta from May 6-May 9 2016. During this period we will not be able to remain active on forums due to non availability of electricity and network there(means total switch-off). We will miss you guys! Cheers Enpass Team.
  14. Hi Binh, currently we don't have plans to release open beta for Windows 10. But whenever we will release it, we will announce the information on our social media and forums.
  15. Hey guys have a look at pre-released Enpass Beta v5.1.0 for Android with some of the most demanding features like TOTP support, selective field sharing and more. It's available under Open Beta Program and you can get it by becoming a tester here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/io.enpass.app. Some of the major highlights are: * Time based One-Time Password (TOTP) Support. * Selective field sharing. * Increased pin code length upto 10 digits. * Improved Enpass browser with support for custom user agent and search Engine DuckDuckGo. * UI improvement. * URL field of items now also supports more formats including third party App URLs. Keep us busy for next update by reporting bugs and issues.
  16. Thanks for the feature requests and you will be glad to know that development of showing item details in extension has been finished and will be rolled out anytime in this month. Along with this, the upcoming Enpass desktop update will also have feature to auto-start at system reboot along with many other. This is how the new extension looks .
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