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  1. Hi @dasunsrule32 Enpass Linux version is for x86 64 bit architecture only. There are many Chromebook models which are ARM and x86 32bit. So, for better coverage of devices, we are currently focusing solely on the Chromebooks running the Android OS.
  2. Hi @OLLI_S Thanks for your suggestion! We will take it into account and maybe will implement in further versions. Cheers!
  3. Hi @Friedi The Beta has already been rolled out. Please check this forum post for more details:
  4. Hi All, We are pleased to announce the release of Enpass Beta v6.1 for the Windows Website version. This update brings a couple of new features along with a lot of enhancements and bug fixes. This update improves the overall usability of the app. The complete changelog is WHAT'S NEW Pwned Password section in Password Audit: We have added a separate section for the Pwned passwords under the Password Audit. The app securely checks your passwords against the list of breached passwords in the past, and if found, the compromised passwords will appear under this section, which you need to change immediately. Classic View: Many of our Windows users still love the Classic view and asked the same for Enpass. And here it is. For Windows 7 and 8, the app by default runs in the Classic theme, and for Windows 10 you can enable it from the app Settings > Customize > Theme > Select the Classic option and restart the app. Import from other password managers: Migrating data from other password managers to Enpass is a matter of just a few clicks. The new import functionality can easily and quickly import all your data from the supported password managers. The subset of password: It lets you see certain characters in password specified by position, for example, "1st, 3rd, next-to-last, last" by just mentioning their place in a specified format. Exporting database in CSV Format: This version brings back the option to export the database into CSV format. IMPROVEMENTS Tag Suggestions: You can easily assign Tags to an item as the app will auto-suggest the existing tags as soon as you start trying them. Password Readability: This update improves the readability of Passwords against the light/dark backgrounds with a new color combination for the Digits, Uppercase, and Symbols. Option to remove 'Recent items' from the app: Now can clear the list of Recent items from the app's Menu bar. Added an option to include the Trashed or Archived items while exporting the data. FIXES Clearing Clipboard: There was a problem where the app was clearing the clipboard even if the information was copied outside the Enpass app. Now fixed. Rescaling of Enpass Assistant on multiple-monitors: A bug where the Enpass Assistant didn't rescale itself on multi-monitors has been fixed. (macOS only) After enabling the dark mode on macOS, the app sometimes showed a light background. Fixed. (macOS only) Some buttons displayed on the MacBook Touch Bar weren't performing the desired action — now fixed. (macOS only) Sometimes the app was unable to detect the attached printer and threw an error 'Printer Not Found.' Fixed. (macOS only) A glitch in UI where the app window was getting cut off while creating a new item in the custom templates has been fixed. If the Enpass app was set to auto-run on system start and used in a full-screen window, then the app didn't automatically minimize to system tray after the system start. Fixed. A bug that would prevent you from adding an attachment if it contains % symbol in its name. Fixed. A bug in the manual proxy configuration didn't allow some users to configure the cloud sync has been resolved. For those using multi-monitors, setting the scaling factor to 175% on HiDPI (4k) screens made the title of multiline field overlayed with the text. Fixed. The custom icons weren't resized or cropped appropriately. Fixed. A UI bug where enabling/disabling the checkbox of 'Autosubmit Login' in Enpass Browser settings didn't display the actual state. Fixed. The security and sync settings got reset when the default location of Enpass data was changed. Fixed. If a Multiline field was marked as sensitive, then the information wasn't concealed with bullets in the edit page. Fixed. While creating a new Tag, or sub-tag the focus automatically got back to the previously selected list in the Sidebar. Fixed. While re-arranging the fields, the scroller in edit page wasn't progressing following the fields. Fixed. While printing the database, the app didn't sort the database in the correct alphabetic order. Fixed. While copying or moving an item from one vault to another, the information saved in the Web form wasn't copied/moved to the item in new vault. Fixed. If Tablet Mode was enabled, and the app was set to auto-run on system start, then the app didn't open with the size of the previously defined window. Fixed. For the Note category, clicking Ctrl+C in the Enpass Assistant didn't copy the selected information. Fixed. DOWNLOAD LINK: There are two ways to get the Beta updates: From Enpass Website: A Beta Program page is available on our website from where you can download all the latest Beta versions for the supported platforms. From Enpass app: The Enpass app itself will notify you about the Beta update as soon as it's available. To receive the notifications, you need to enable the 'Beta Updates' from Enpass Advanced Settings. Please install the beta update and help us to improve the app further. Thanks. Cheers!
  5. Hi, Sorry, we have no such plans at the moment.
  6. Hi All, The TOTP problem has been resolved in the recently rolled beta update v6.0.8.212. Please install it and let us know if you still face any issue. Thanks.
  7. Hi All, We have released another beta update v6.0.8.212 which will fix the high CPU usage and other critical issues. Please install this update and let me know if you still encounter any problem. The details are here: Waiting for your valuable feedback. Cheers!
  8. Hi Enpassians! The Enpass beta v6.0.8.212 for Android has been rolled out. The complete change-log is: What's New Keyboard Shortcut for the Enpass extension: Like the Enpass desktop apps, you can now define a Keyboard Shortcut to fill the details in a Chrome browser. But unlike the desktop apps, there is no default Keyboard set, so you need to set it via Enpass Browser Extension > Navigate to Extension Options > Keyboard Shortcuts. Fixes High CPU Usage in Chromebooks: Many of our users reported that the previous Enpass beta version was consuming a high CPU usage, which forced them to close the app. This update will fix this problem and optimize the CPU usage so that you can use the app usually. Blank screen while adding the TOTP: Some users were getting a blank screen while scanning the TOTP QR code on their Android devices. This problem mostly occurred on the mobile device having three or more cameras. It's now fixed. The app got crashed when a user was trying to open an attached text (.txt) file. Fixed. Several random, rare crashes on the launch, and at other times have been eliminated. The Enpass app occasionally didn't unlock even after entering the correct PIN. Fixed. Other minor fixes. Improvements Improvement the Autofilling in Chromebooks: This update offers a better auto-filling, auto-capturing of the login details to ensure that you have a smooth browser experience. UI Improvements. Other minor improvements. Get your hands on the beta and share your valuable feedback.
  9. Hey @Friedi, I can understand that it's irritating when the app doesn't work as expected. The issue has already been resolved, and we’re planning to launch the Beta in the coming weeks. Thanks for your cooperation!
  10. Hey @Tchuna, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. I would like to share that we have done the major upgrade in the import functionality and beta version of Enpass 6.1 will be rolled out within a couple of weeks. We would like to have your feedback after the beta update.Till then please co-operate with us.
  11. Hey @Dan This is very odd. It's been shared with the team so that they can more thoroughly analyze the issue.
  12. Hi @databoy2k Thank you for taking the time out to write and express your grievances. I agree with you that the Beta releases got delayed and it’s quite unfortunate that we didn’t roll out a single one in the past month. Your feedback has been duly acknowledged, and we will assess it to deduct measures we can adopt to prevent issues of this nature in subsequent times. Also, I will keep you updated with the development progress. Please accept our sincere apology for the unpleasant experience we have caused you. We aspire to keep our most valued customers, and we hope to serve you better in the future. Thank you for your support!
  13. Hi, Yes, for mobiles, you need the Enpass Pro version to save more than 20 items, and it can only be purchased from the respective App Stores. Also, we always strongly recommend installing an app or software only from trusted App Stores. Installing an app from Untrusted store or website might contain malicious package files which can put you into troubles.
  14. Hi, Thanks for getting in touch. The main app must be running in the background to use Enpass Browser extension. However, this behavior of Enpass will not be bothersome if you can choose to set it to run automatically on every boot. Also, if you two Enpass apps installed on your system, i.e., Both Traditional and Store version then I would recommend you to take a backup of data from Traditional version and uninstall it to avoid any conflict between the two Enpass apps. Please refer to this thread as the same has already been discussed here.
  15. Hi, Sorry for the unpleasant experience. The newly released Enpass v6 is based on a new architecture, it will only sync with v6, and not with the previous versions. Please update your Enpass app to the latest version on your Mac device and then enable sync.
  16. Hi, Thanks for the feedback on this matter. It's been shared with the team to make something easier to find and understand.
  17. Hi @evillama Sorry for the unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, the Enpass UWP app (running v5) and Enpass Windows 10 Desktop app (running v6) won't sync the data with each other due to compatibility issues with the Enpass v5 and v6. The newly released Enpass v6 is based on a new architecture, it will only sync with v6, and not with the previous versions.
  18. Hi, Sorry for the unpleasant experience. The issue has been shared with the QA team for further investigation. Meanwhile, please follow the steps given below and let us know if you still face the problem: Leave the Enpass Beta program via Search for Enpass in Play Store > Click 'Enpass' to open the detail page > Navigate to Beta Program > 'Leave.' Now Open Enpass app and take a backup via Settings > Advanced > Backup > External Storage (Local on Device) > Save it. Uninstall the app and wait for 30 minutes. Reinstall the app stable version 6.0.6 (200) and restore the data from data. Now use the app and check if again encounter the same issue.
  19. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I’ll get it over to our development team.
  20. Hi, Sorry for the unpleasant experience. This error message generally occurs when the Accessibility service gets disabled for an application. One of the possible reason for this could be the battery optimization, so please check and make sure that the Battery Optimization is disabled for the Enpass app. Now retry after re-enabling the Accessibility for Enpass. In case, if the problem persists then to investigate it further we require more information: Android device and OS version. Enpass version. Have you encountered the same error message for other apps (Using Accessibility service) as well?
  21. Hi @OLLI_S Thanks for the suggestion. WebAuthn isn't something on the immediate road map as our team needs to spend some time to explore it.
  22. Hi, Sorry for the unpleasant experience. The Enpass Pro version for Windows 10 can only be purchased from Windows Store via Enpass App > Settings > Premium Features > Buy Now > Follow the instructions for Payment. In case, if you still face any problem then revert with the following answers: Windows and Enpass version you use. The Country and language in which you are using the app. Any error message or code you are getting while purchasing the app.
  23. Hi @inc2k3 Thanks for your feedback on this matter. I will discuss it with the team. @Dom Yes, you can install the previous Enpass version 6.0.6 from here. Please let me know if you need anything further from my end. Thanks.
  24. Hi Thanks for reporting the issue. It has been shared with the QA team. Meantime please follow the following steps and let me know if the issue gets resolved: Open Enpass on Android and take a backup via Enpass Settings > Advanced > Backup > External Storage (Local on Device) > Save it. Uninstall the app. Reinstall the app and restore the data from Google Drive.
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