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  1. Hi All, I can understand your concern regarding the safety and security of your data. Enpass does clear the clipboard after the set time interval. But some devices (Samsung in your case) have extra Clipboard services, when enabled, keep track of historical clipboard data. When Enpass clears the system Clipboard with an empty value, the clipboard manager keeps the previous password as history. Unfortunately, there are no APIs available at the moment which can clear a particular piece of information from such kind of clipboard managers. We can empty the complete clipboard history filling with empty values consecutively but it will nullify the very purpose of enabling such feature on your phone. If security is preferred over convenience of clipboard history, you should disable such feature. Otherwise you will need to manually clear the history in your clipboard manager every time you copy a sensitive information. Further, Enpass also has a specially designed Keyboard which let you fill the details in third-party apps, browser or even when you’re writing a mail or taking notes. This option will decrease the dependency on Clipboard as it can fill any detail anywhere you want to. You can check the more information here.
  2. Hi, It's a known issue that the Enpass Pro version reverted to the Trail version. The problem has already been resolved, and an update v6.1 with the fixes will be rolled out soon. I appreciate your patience and co-operation.
  3. Hi @Kurt When you open the app after it got crashed, you will see a crash report dialog box. Please mention the reproducible steps along with your name in the comment box and click Send Report to share it with us.
  4. Hi, The .enpassbackup file is created when you manually take a backup of your database from the Enpass app. But when you enable sync with a cloud account, Enpass creates a replica of your database named as vault.enpassdbsync in your cloud account. The error Sorry we could not find Enpass 6 data on this OneDrive account generally occurs when the app doesn't see the vault.enpassdbsync file in the Enpass Folder. So to resolve the problem first enable the sync from your Windows device and then restore the data on your iOS device.
  5. Hi, I apologize for taking so long in responding to this thread. We use the Qt development framework for Enpass. Prior to the v6.0.7, we were using Qt 5.11.3 which supported the macOS El-Capitan. But since the release of macOS Mojave 10.14.4, the app was crashing on some systems. In order to resolve it, we need to update the Qt from to 5.12.1 which unfortunately doesn't support the El-Capitan. Although, we have raised this concern to the Qt team and are in touch with them to find a resolution. As soon as we get an update from them we will start work on it. I will keep you updated regarding the same. Till then your patience and understanding are highly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. It's been noted and shared with the team for further consideration.
  7. Hi, Enpass Identity template already has two separate address sections for both Home and Work. You can save the information in the default sections; else you can customize the existing template by adding the new fields as per your requirements.
  8. Hi, If you have already purchased Enpass Pro for the Android platform, then you can restore your Enpass purchase on any Android device by installing the Enpass with the same Google Account with which you purchased it earlier. If that doesn't help, please share the purchase receipt via DM so that I can assist you further.
  9. Vikram Dabas

    Ipad import

    Hi @gui Currently, the import functionality is available in the Enpass desktop apps only. The detailed steps to import the data from other software are mentioned here in Enpass user guide.
  10. Hi @71titan Give a try by enabling Match URL hostname. Once enabled, Enpass extension will only show you the list of items having the exact URL. You can enable it from Enpass settings under Browser section.
  11. Hi, We might need to take a different look into the issue. Please run this command in terminal and share the crash report again. It will be invaluable to our development team to understand and address the issue. Thanks. QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext open /Applications/Enpass.app
  12. Hi, Oops, my bad! The complete command is launchctl setenv QMLSCENE_DEVICE "softwarecontext".
  13. Hi @inc2k3, Please follow the steps given below and let us know if the problem gets resolved: Quit the Enpass app completely, even from the Menu Bar. Open the Terminal and run this command: launchctl setenv QMLSCENE_DEVICE "softwarecontext" Open the Enpass app.
  14. Hi All, That's really strange. We need some more information so that we can check what could be the possible reason for this unexpected behavior. Device and Android version. Enpass version. Does the issue occur when you share an item from Enpass app or send a new email from the Gmail app? Have you created a Template or Signature for email that contains any .enpasscard file? Does the issue occur every time you send an email?
  15. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. It's been shared with the team, and we will consider it in the future versions.
  16. Hi, Sorry to hear that. The issue has been shared with the QA team for further investigation. I will keep you update once I hear from them. I appreciate your patience while we work through this. Thanks.
  17. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. The highest resolution that we've tested on which the app is working fine is up to 3840x2160 (21:9). Please check this FAQ and set the scale factor accordingly. If you still face any problem then share the Crash report via DM.
  18. Hi @djohannes The Enpass Keyboard Shortcut for Chromebooks has already been implemented and will be available in the coming beta update. Also, we already have plans to make the extension more Keyboard friendly like the Desktop app in the future versions.
  19. Hi @OLLI_S, The Enpass app already offers the mentioned functionality. But due to the previously shared issue, the things aren't as smooth as expected.
  20. Hi, Our dev team is aware of this issue and currently working on it. I appreciate your patience. Thanks.
  21. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion! I will pass it to the team for further consideration. Meanwhile, for a workaround, you set the location of Enpass Auto-backups to your hard drive.
  22. Hi All, Sorry, you have to find so much to get the Beta versions. But from now onwards you don't need to this as recently, we have added the Beta Program page on our website, and you can get all the latest Beta versions from here. Thanks.
  23. Hi @OLLI_S Yes, the above-mentioned strings were already in the task list of the Translations.
  24. Hi @OLLI_S We are already aware of an issue with Clipboard that the Enpass app automatically clears the information copied on the Clipboard from System or any other application. Our team has already fixed it, and an update v6.1 with the fixes will be rolled out soon. I appreciate your patience.
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