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  1. Hi @CaptainBDSC Thanks a lot for showing interest in Enpass Beta program. You can join it from Android Play Store itself via Open Google Play Store on your Chromebook > Search and click Enpass > Scroll down > tap Join under the Join the beta. Wait for some time to get the changes and update reflected in the Store.
  2. Hi @djohannes Many thanks for your valuable feedback. All the issues have been noted and shared with the QA for further investigation. I appreciate your patience while we work through this.
  3. Hi, If you are talking about adding the Custom icons, then the size for them is 200x200. To set an image (both .jpg or .png) as an icon, go to the edit screen → click the icon → Tap on + button → Select image → Save. You can see the newly added icons under the list of Custom Icons. Also, we are bringing the Favicon support in the upcoming update v6.1 which can automatically download and set an icon associated with the particular website or URL saved in an item.
  4. Hi, Currently, the option to delete custom icons (via Right-click the icon > Delete) is available only in Desktop apps only. We're working on bringing it to the mobile app, and the upcoming update v6.1 will deliver this for iOS platform. Thank you.
  5. Hi All, I appreciate your understanding and co-operation. For a workaround, whenever you open the Enpass app, please first run this command in the Terminal and then run the app: launchctl setenv QMLSCENE_DEVICE "softwarecontext" Hope this helps!
  6. Hi @Lyro_1 Currently, the v6.1 is in the internal settings, and a beta for the same will be rolled out soon. I am really sorry as I do not know of an ETA I can provide for you.
  7. Hi, That's great, thanks for the lovely feedback. I’ll make sure to let the team here know!
  8. Hi @margaret_madison The Enpass v6 has already brought Identity support which allows you to save your personal information like Name, Address, etc. And once saved, Enpass will fill them in the long, tedious sign-up forms with a single click.
  9. Hi @Jp1 Sorry to hear that. Please provide the following details so that we can get it checked for you: The device and Android version your device running on. Enpass version. What's the exact error message that you got while saving the information? In which app or webpage are you facing the issue? If it's a webpage, please share the browser and its version.
  10. Hi @Patmiche84 Really sorry to hear that. We have tried the same scenario in our labs and it's working fine. So we might need to take a different look into it. Please follow the following information so that we can assist your better: What's the file name that you were restoring and getting 'invalid file' error message? When does the app crash- While resorting data from Dropbox from Welcome screen or enabling sync from Enpass settings? Are you able to access data on any other device?
  11. Hi, Thanks for the feedback. It's been noted and shared with the team.
  12. Hi All, The Favicon feature has already been added to the Enpass app. Please wait for the coming update v6.1 which will bring it. Thank you.
  13. Hi @OLLI_S Thanks for this feedback! I’ve passed it to our product team for their review.
  14. Hi, If you are referring to create a Sub-Tag, then you can create it via Right-click on the existing Tag name from the sidebar > Select Create Subtag → Enter name and save. This way you can create tags in the hierarchy, you want.
  15. Hi @zimmer62 Sorry to hear that. We need the following information from you so that we can get it checked for you. Version of 1Password and its default language. Version of Enpass you are using. The platform your device is running on.
  16. Hi All, I'm sorry that you're having trouble in importing that data into Enpass. We are already working on improving the Import functionality and writing the import scripts from scratch to ensure that the users will have a smooth onboard experience. The new imports will be available in the upcoming update v6.1. Till then I appreciate your patience and co-operation.
  17. Hi All, The problem has been identified, and we are currently working on it. An update with the fixes will be submitted to the Store soon. Meanwhile, you can make Enpass extension working on Edge by disabling the "Authorized browser with verified code signature only" option in Enpass Browser setting. Thanks for your co-operation.
  18. Hi, Many apologies for the trouble. We are aware of some issues with the macOS 10.14.4 at the moment. The problem has been identified, and we are working on getting everything back up and running again normally ASAP. We appreciate your patience.
  19. Hi @Anonym Potato Providing security to user's data is the primary objective here at Enpass and we have already addressed these type of concerns here in our Enpass Security Whitepaper and Security page. Please read the details and let me know if you still have any doubt left.
  20. Hi @emilianoheyns Thanks for the feedback! We have passed this to our team to see if we could have this type of addon in the future.
  21. Hi @Damasta Unfortunately, we do not know of an ETA we can provide for you as there is a user interface issue in Windows Hello dialogue when used in Win32 apps. We are in talks with Microsoft Hello team regarding it, but there is no apparent fix soon. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
  22. Hi @databoy2k Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The issue has been shared with the dev team, and we will try to resolve it in the coming update.
  23. Hi @OLLI_S We are really sorry that you feel this way! You're right- it shouldn't take that long to respond you, and I completely understand how it can be frustrating to receive a late reply, especially when you’re facing some problems. OLLI_S, we always try to resolve the user's problem by guiding them to the proper solution. But from your comment, we did not meet this goal. Your comments are noted, and we will make sure that our valuable customer will not have to wait a long to get the responses. I ask you to allow us another opportunity to serve you, and we will consider it our privilege to have you again with us. Once again, sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience you went through.
  24. Hi Enpassians! We know our beloved Chromebooks users have been missing the Enpass autofill functionality since the release of v6 and finally, it's here. Along with this, the beta update v6.0.8 brings: Autofill support in Chromebooks: Say howdy to all new Enpass Password Manager extension for Chromebook which makes filling details in Chrome browser easier than ever. Install the exclusive beta extension from here http://bit.ly/2TKsq0Q and share your experience. App Shortcuts: Introducing the App Shortcuts in Enpass and making it easier for our beloved users to Search, Add or access Favorites items quickly. Users can reveal the shortcuts by long-pressing the Enpass app's launcher icon avoiding the need for additional navigations. Better Dark Mode: Bringing the true Dark mode to the Enpass app and making it easy on the eyes. Fast Scrolling: The app now keeps the scrolling smooth for the lists of content, by offering the Fast Scroller. It allows you to drag a scrollbar to scroll to wherever you wish quickly. Fixed an issue where the text got truncated in the Greek language. Minor improvements and fixes.  Get your hands on this beta version and share your valuable feedback. If there are other improvements you’d like to see, please leave a comment below. Cheers!
  25. Hi @MarkV Sincere apologies that the issue took more time than expected. It's been resolved, and an update v6.1 with the fixes will be rolled out soon. We appreciate your patience.
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