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  1. Hi, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Very soon we will ship another beta update which will carry the missing files. Till then, please wait and co-operate with us.
  2. Hi, Sorry to hear that. Can you please share the following details so that we can get it checked for you? Windows device and version. Enpass version. Does the issue occasionally or every time when you try to open the app? Is the app set to Auto-run at the System Startup? If yes, Have you tried by disabling the internet connection from your device?
  3. Hi @RainerH Thanks, and I will pass your comment to the QA team to check what could be the possible reason for this unexpected behavior.
  4. Hi @Peter Suto Sorry to hear that. The issue has been shared with the QA team for further investigation, and I will get back to you as soon as I have an update from them.
  5. Hi @Rainer Sorry to hear that. Could you share the following details so that we can check on this for you? Device and OS version you use. Does the app crash while restoring data from Welcome Screen or enabling sync from the app settings? Any error message you encountered when the app got crashed? Also, if possible can you please create a Test account for us on your WebDAV and share the login details via Direct Message? That would be helpful for us in finding the issue. Thanks.
  6. Hi @celavakosa Sorry to hear that. Please re-enable the Enpass Autofill options from the app settings and try again. If the problem persists, then share the following details so that we can assist you better: Which Enpass Autofill options have you enabled? Where does the problem occur? The app doesn't show an option to fill the details. App shows the option, but doesn't fill the details. Does the issue occur with a specific webpage or every webpage?
  7. Hi @h.koch Sorry for the unpleasant experience. Please reinstall the app from App Store. Go to Enpass Settings > Upgrade to Pro version > Click 'Restore' and let me know if you still face any problem. If it occurs, then share the following information: Are you facing the same issue with other apps as well? Country and Language in which you are using the devices. Any error message you encounter while resorting the purchase? A screenshot (if possible), would be appreciated.
  8. Hi All, Can you please retry by installing the latest Mojave beta update?
  9. Hi @RalfZ Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Premium features for Windows 7. The reason is that Premium features are available only in the app downloaded from the Store, which requires Windows 10 or later versions.
  10. Hi @spheenik You can enable the feature from Enpass Settings > General > Under Run enable, Open Automatically at System Startup. Note: We are aware of an issue that if the app is running in maximize window then after the system start, it will not get automatically minimized to the system tray. The problem has been identified and will be resolved in the coming update.
  11. Hi @Louwy We are aware of an issue that if the app is running in maximize window then after the system start, it will not get automatically minimized to the system tray. The problem has been identified and will be resolved in the coming update. For a workaround don't set the maximize window for Enpass and it will work as expected. Now coming to "Always run assistant in docked mode" mean. It means you can stick the Enpass Assistant on the screen, and it won’t disappear when you click outside it. You can enable it from Enpass General settings under the Behavior section. Also, once the Enpass Assistant is opened, you can use the Keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+ D to stick it on the screen.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. It's been noted.
  13. Hi @Stephen M The error- Sync Error Password of Data on Google Drive (or Dropbox) Required means you need to enter the password of the Enpass file saved on the cloud account (Not your cloud accounts passwords). It generally happens when the password of Enpass local data and the file saved on the cloud have different passwords. To resolve, please enter the password of the cloud file. In case, if you don't remember it, then either overwrite or delete the existing cloud file and re-configure the cloud sync.
  14. Hi Enpassians! We know our Portable users have been waiting to get the v6 update quite a long time as they are facing compatibility issues with the data on v5 of Portable Apps and v6 of the Stable apps. I am sorry that took it more time than expected as we were busy in improving and stabilizing the v6, but it's finally here! The first beta of Enpass v6 for the Portable apps has been out, and you can get it from the download links given later in the post. The complete changelog for this beta is: What’s New Multiple Vaults: We are very excited to have the support of more than one vault in Enpass to collaborate with our family and team members, keeping our personal data separate in Primary vault. It was one of the most demanded features from you guys. You can share a vault with others by syncing through a common cloud account where each vault need a distinct cloud account to sync. Just go ahead, and give it a try! Secure Sharing: Every single item that you want to share with others can now be encrypted with a passphrase (call it Pre-Shared Key). You can create PSKs from the Advanced Settings of Enpass after which an additional option to Encrypt with PSK will appear while sharing the item. You need to share the PSK prior with the intended recipient to enable them to import in their Enpass. Please use a different medium to share the PSK than you’ll use to share the item. -“Keys are always kept hidden from the locks” ;-). Enpass Assistant: The minified Enpass is now called Enpass Assistant (Formerly Helper). It offers excellent autofilling experience with browser extensions, and you can invoke it from a Keyboard shortcut or System Menu bar. Always run Enpass Assistant in docked mode: From now onwards, you can stick the Enpass Assistant on the screen, and it won’t disappear when you click outside it. You can enable it from Enpass General settings under the Behavior section. Also, once the Enpass Assistant is opened, you can use the Keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+ D to stick it on the screen. Keyfile Support: You want to have a super-duper strong master password, huh! Yeah, but memory has a limit to memorize it. No worries, you can use Enpass 6 to let you use Enpass-Keyfile in addition to your master password as a second factor required to unlock the Enpass on every platform. Custom Icons: Let’s you set any image as an icon for an item. Trash & Archive: You know what to do with Trash. Archive those unwanted items which should be skipped while Searching. Identities: Create identities with personal information for auto-filling long, tedious sign-up forms with a single click. Multi-Line Field: It’s a new field type where you can save data in multiple-lines. History of Every Field: Like password fields, you can now see the history of changes in every kind of fields in an item except Notes. Dark theme: Added support for dark mode on macOS Mojave and Linux. A separate section under the ‘Groups’ tab to have a quick look at all TOTPs & Attachments. Added localization support for Afrikaans, Malay, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish. Improvements Improved Security: The real stuff!! Enpass 6 comes with far better protection for your data. Check out more about Security on our website. Browser Extensions: The improved browser extensions now offer better auto-filling, auto-capturing, and security. Enpass extension can now autofill in pages with more than two fields. Also, while setting up the first connection with a browser, you would need to pair that first. Tags: Folders in previous Enpass were more or liked Tags, and so we have renamed them to Tags. And yes, they are nested too. Checking Pwned Passwords for Complete Database: Say goodbye to the hassle of checking every single password for pwnage, now you can review the passwords in your entire database with a single click. Improved Password generator and more brutal strength estimator. Again, Security Matters the most! Password Expiry: From now onwards you can set an expiry date to any password field and check for them from the ‘Audit’ tab when they are going to expire. Eight digits TOTP support. Unlike the older version, Password generator has no limitation of five passwords in history. Known Issues: Remember Location: After every fresh start, the app will ask you to select the data location even if you have previously clicked 'Remember Location.' iCloud Synchronization: The Portable versions are missing the iCloud option for the synchronization. Translations: Some strings might be not be localized in the supported languages. For Linux users running 16.04: The app icon isn't displayed in the launcher. For macOS users: Missing the Categories list, and item's icon: After the initial launch of Enpass Portable, the app may not show the Categories List or item's icon. Workaround: Copy the extracted enpassportable and paste it in a new folder or location. Now open the app and it will show the list and icons as expected. Using Safari 12 or later versions: Unfortunately, the Enpass extension for Safari will not work with the Portable versions. The reason is that the Safari App Extension is bound with the app installation. But for Portable versions, there is no such app installation. Workaround: Use any other supported browsers. Download Links Before installing the Beta version, please read the Enpass Portable User Guide. For Linux (.tar.gz): Enpass Portable Beta v6.0.7 For Windows and macOS (.zip): Enpass Portable Beta v6.0.7 Get your hands on this beta version and share your valuable feedback. If there are other improvements you’d like to see, please leave a comment below. Cheers!
  15. Hi @100 Watt Walrus It seems you are using the app in light mode. The button (≡) to rearrange fields is available but isn't visible in the Light mode (Although, evident in the Dark mode). The issue has already been raised to the team. You can still reorder the fields as you were doing earlier, i.e., by dragging the fields.
  16. Hi @100 Watt Walrus Thanks for the feedback. It's been noted, and we are working on making things more clear and understandable.
  17. Hi Enpassians, We have rolled out a beta update v6.0.6. The complete change-log is WHAT'S NEW Dock the Assistant: From now onwards, the Enpass Assistant will stay sticky on the screen. You can enable it from Enpass General settings under the Behavior section. Also, once the Enpass Assistant is opened, you can use the Keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+ D or Shift+Cmd+ D to dock it. IMPROVEMENTS Added an option to remove custom icons from the icon chooser. The Enpass Assistant is now more Keyboard friendly. You can open the main app, browser settings, dock the Assistant or even quit the app from the Keyboard itself. While searching for information, the app now selects the first item by default from the results. Sometimes the main list was flicking after adding, editing, archiving or deleting an item. Now all these actions are flicker-free. Introducing a right-click, contextual menu for Windows Touch devices. (Windows only) The scrolling gets smoother for the Windows Touch Devices. (Windows only) The sync messages are now localized. FIXES An issue of connection error between Chrome extension and Enpass App was emerged as Google changed the signing certificate of Chrome browser due to which Enpass was not validating it as an authorized browser. It's been fixed now. (Windows only) An issue where the app was crashing or showing a blank screen on the startup has been fixed. (Windows only) A bug causing the app to slow down while searching for information has been fixed. A bug that was causing the display problems in Chinese and Japanese languages when the system scaling set to 125,175 or 225% has been fixed. (Windows only) After restarting the app, the application window will no longer reset itself. Fixed an issue where some of our users reported that the icons of the app Toolbar and Categories weren't visible. (Windows only) Fixed the synchronization for various WebDAV configurations. Fixed an issue where the item could be saved with an empty title if the title was cleared while editing the information. A bug causing the app to crash while importing data from Bitwarden has been squashed to ensure a smooth onboarding to Enpass. For those using Multiple-vaults, the customs icons were not syncing across devices. It's now fixed. For those using multiple monitors, the app doesn't resize itself while moving it to another monitor. It will also remember the monitor where the app was last opened. Download link Enpass Beta v6.0.6 for Windows (.exe) Enpass Beta v6.0.6 for macOS (.pkg) Enpass Beta v6.0.6 for Linux (.deb) Get your hands on the beta and share your valuable feedback.
  18. Hi, Enpass is made to work with generic WebDAV servers and as such any other custom server implementing WebDAV protocol should be compatible with it. However if your server/WebDAV provider has fine-grained permissions setup (which might interfere with Enpass working), it might pose problems for working of Enpass. To make things clear, here's how Enpass works with any WebDAV server - Starts by connecting with WebDAV server via provided credentials, which just requires a request for directory listing for the given 'path.' If that 'path' listing contains an 'Enpass' directory, it'll search for existing synced files inside it and give you options on how to proceed further. Otherwise, it tries to create an 'Enpass' directory. If the files weren't found it proceeds to upload the current version of sync files. In all, we need the following permissions - Directory listing for provided 'path' and 'path/Enpass.' Download permissions for 'path/Enpass' Upload permissions for 'path/Enpass' Hope that helps you in configuring permissions on your server.
  19. Hi, Sorry, I haven't received your WebDAV details via DM as your message was flagged as Spam by the CleanTalk software. Although, later I was able to fetch the details from the spam posts. The synchronization with the shared WebDAV account is working perfectly with the recent update. Please update your app and let me know if you still face any problem. Thanks.
  20. Hi @100 Watt Walrus Thanks for the feedback. The mentioned alphabet icons are the legacy icons which unfortunately we can't remove. Although, your input to add more alphabets icons has been duly noted and shared with the team. Thanks!
  21. Hi Everyone Sorry to hear that you were encountering such issues. Noted and added to the road-map. Fixed. Please wait for the new update which should solve the problem. Noted and shared with the team. Meanwhile, for a workaround please set the app to 'Auto-run' on System start. We've released an update v6.0.3 with improved synchronization for various WebDAV configurations. Please update the app and if you're still encountering any issues then please create a test account for us on your WebDAV and share the details via Direct Message. No, it's not like that. Enpass is our primary product on which we are concentrating. Enpass itself is a vast project which supports every major mobile and desktop platform, and it's taking time to release the updates because we are simultaneously focusing on all the supported platforms. Apologizes. I will prioritize it and we will try to get it back ASAP. We are listening to our users and will actively make changes to the app update based on the constructive feedback we have been receiving, so thank you for getting in touch. I shall pass your comments onto our development team.
  22. Hi @100 Watt Walrus Sorry to hear that. We will forward this to the dev team for further investigation. Meantime, please share the following details: Does the problem occur only in the Notes field? Have you tried copying and pasting in a text editor? Have you tried to copy the same info from the Mobile app?
  23. Hi @100 Watt Walrus We appreciate you bringing the issue to our attention. It's been shared with the team and will be resolved in the coming updates.
  24. Hi Everyone, Sincere apologies that the Enpass v6 update made you unhappy. @100 Watt Walrus We have improved the Tags management in the previous release v6.0.3 where you would be able to create nested tags with the same name, i.e. like Folders in Enpass v5. But we would like to hear more from you, so hopefully, we can enhance it and makes it fit for most of our users. I have passed this to our team to see if we could have this feature in the future. @elmaco The new Enpass v6 syncs the data into the designated App folder on the cloud, unlike it, used to do in the root folder for OneDrive, and Google Drive. It's done to restrict the access of Enpass to its app folder only rather than to the Root folder of drive; to which some of our users raised concerns in v5. We have mentioned restoring v5 data into v6 in this FAQ. Sorry to hear that. We'll continue improving the app so it can meet the needs of as many users as possible.
  25. Hi, Sorry to hear that. Please share the following details so that we can get it checked for you: The client/tool you are use for Folder Sync. Sync error message or code you are getting. Device and their respective OS versions. Enpass version on all devices. Is the Enpass file available in the sync Folder? If yes, what's the last modified time of the file?
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