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  1. Hello, I would really like to have some controls of auto backup on macOS Enpass app (I have version 6.3.3). I have (accidentally) discovered, that it stores up to 60 backups created daily - which seems kind of excessive. Principally, auto backup is convenient thing and I'd like to use it. But 60 backups are too many... With Time Machine, which already makes every 2 hours snapshot of my whole system I really do not need too old backups. I can always extract them from Time Machine. I would prefer to have some control over frequency and number of backups kept - so I can customize this. Also, I question default choices made - 60 backups kept? Daily backups made? I mean who needs daily backups and 2 months worth of those? Weekly and keep 5 older backups seems more reasonable for generic user. But if we could have some controls, it would be easy. Considering I have ~65MB vault, 60x65 MB = ~4GB of backups. That is insane! And in my case I have network synced vault to 3 computers, so I may have around 12GB of backups ;-)
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