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  1. @Tahreem, thanks a lot, this did solve the problem. While trying to delete the synced files on Onedrive I found two sets of files, one at Files/Apps/Enpass, the other one at Files/Enpass. No idea where the files came from, but maybe this caused the issue.
  2. @Tahreem, just tried it. Trying to activate synchronization did not work due to a "wrong password". I also clicked on the help button in Enpass while trying to activate sync. It showed a "last password change" date in 1970 and an empty machine name. Just as an idea, what happens if I change my master password on my main device (my PC) - will that also change / refresh the password for the data stored on Onedrive?
  3. The password is definitively correct. I did not create a new vault on the laptop, I am trying to restore directly from the welcome screen.
  4. I am successfully running Enpass on my PC (Win10), my Android phone and my iPad. Now I did install it on my Laptop (Win10), too. But when I try to restore data from OneDrive Enpass does not accept my password. I assume it is my Master Password the program is asking for - and that is working fine on my other machines until now. Any suggestions or any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any support.
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