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  1. I have ver. for android 6.3.3 (596) Desktop Windows 10 6.3.2 (418) Iphone
  2. Yes I tried this multiple times with no success, as mentioned by others on this forum I get an error that the password is incorrect.
  3. New User I exported a file in Enpass on my PC it was a file with a .json extension that I moved to my phone and tried to create a new vault and import this file but it continually says incorrect password. I have tried this 6 different times with no success. Tried drag & drop from PC to phone & cut & paste to Phone I see the file on the phone but when I try to use it I get the error incorrect password Also I tried exporting a file from the desktop ver of Enpass and put it in OneDrive cloud storage then tried to restore by creating a new vault on my android selected one drive it gave a error message could not find any v6 data. Also tried the with my wifes iPhone with the same results. I can clearly see a file there again with a .json extension
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