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  1. Maybe you made an error that you didn't realise? You could try to switch your phone to horizontal orientation (to get a keyboard more similar to your PC) and try again. You could also check if you accidentally added any superfluous signs leading or trailing your password? You may also be missing a key file you use to login on your PC. Also you should make sure you're not confusing the password for your Enpass vault and the one for your cloud storage service.
  2. Do you maybe have another password in the same entry? Enpass behaviour on which of multiple passwords to use seems kind of erratic to me. So, if you do, you can try making the second password a "protected" text field instead of a password and see if that changes anything.
  3. Came here to say this. Enpass definitely needs an option to "include only these" symbols, instead of only "exclude those". Websites tell you which symbols to use, not all the symbols in the world you may not.
  4. That's great to hear! Be sure to keep it like that in the future.
  5. Hello, I just wanted to make a remark (with a little warning sign!) to you about the topic mentioned above: I've recently noticed, that the Enpass app on Android started showing a warning about my device being rooted and how this may cause security issues. As several popular Android apps recently seem to run some sort of campaign against rooted devices, I feel the need to say, that while I'm totally fine with a warning(!) like this, I could certainly not accept any kind of ban or extensive restrictions in functionality for rooted devices on part of Enpass. Should any of these ever occur, you will have lost me as a customer just this moment. So, if your warning is just a warning and not the subtle beginning of a policy like described above, we're fine. If not, be warned yourselves in return. Anyone who feels the same and maybe wants to make a similar statement, feel free to like this post. Thanks for your attention.
  6. I use the Enpass Keyboard with Firefox. I know that direct Autofill currently doesn't work with Firefox, but is it normal that the keyboard can't detect the opened website to select the matching entry?
  7. An interesting and important question that was already raised, but not yet answered, in another thread: Is Enpass' built-in password generator part of SQLCipher or otherwise (if yes, how so?) open source and therefore trustworthy? I currently feel no need to demand to make the whole application open source as long as the security-relevant parts are. But the password generator is one of these and therefore a reassuring answer would be nice. If it's not open source, what are the plans in that regard? If it is, I think you should advertise that on your website, too.
  8. Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or the expected behaviour at the moment: When I open a website on my Android phone and bring up the Enpass Keyboard to autofill the credentials, it seems that there's not chosen the one entry for the website, but I get a list of any entries that have a URL type field, regardless of what's in there. This doesn't happen if I want to autofill into an app... Any suggestions on this?
  9. If anyone else should look for an answer: You can add a new field of the "URL" type to the entry and so enter a second URL, in this case raiffeisennews.ru
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