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Found 32 results

  1. Please add support for displaying TOTP on the the Pebble Watch.
  2. Great application. Please consider making TOTP feature as a top level category in the program. That way, one can simply click on the Title and then copy the TOTP code to the clipboard.
  3. There are a couple names for this feature, Lastpass one-button approval or Google prompt approval, but I don't want to use Lastpass and Google disables the prompt when used with a u2f key. When Google implemented prompt approval, I wished every password manager and totp app (I use Authy right now) would add the feature as well, as it's super convenient. I'll probably add all my totp to Enpass eventually, but if you guys added this I'd move over all my totp logins instantly
  4. Hi guys, Enpass says 'Full-time' Hello !!! We have just released Enpass Beta v5.0.6 for Window 10 with following changes: Full time Windows Hello support - Now you can unlock Enpass every time using Windows Hello unlike previous version where it was mandatory to provide master password once the Enpass was closed. TOTP - Enpass is now capable to save and show the Time Based One Time Passwords. Improved Password Generator - Using the Diceware algorithm, Password generator can generate strong and pronounceable passwords in better way. Option for Password History on Details Page. Option to Change Category on Details page. Sensitive fields on Edit page will be displayed by bullets. Scaling issue in large displays fixed. Fixed an issue with WebDAV sync while using self-signed certificates. Option to manually unlock using Windows Hello on Login page. The Beta is available through Package Flight to only those users who has subscribed our Beta Program. You will be prompted to update your Enpass App on the Windows Store. So what are you waiting for. Download it and get your hands on this pre-release version. Please don't forget to highlight the bugs or issues here and keep the dice rolling. Cheers!
  5. After using TOTP Enpass started to crash regulary. I also noted that Enpass TOTP many times did not match. I am using a broweser extension for TOTP which works perfect. I removed all TOTPs from Enpass.
  6. I'd love to see multiple TOTP under one entry. I like my vault clean and that's why I group multiple accounts from the same service under one entry. For example, I have 4 google accounts ( for personal, school, work etc. purposes) and like to group them under one entry. I've created one Google entry and added multiple email and password fields under it. However enpass only allows you to add one TOTP field under one entry. It would be so convenient if enpass allowed more than one TOTP fields under one entry.
  7. Hey guys have a look at pre-released Enpass Beta v5.1.0 for Android with some of the most demanding features like TOTP support, selective field sharing and more. It's available under Open Beta Program and you can get it by becoming a tester here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/io.enpass.app. Some of the major highlights are: * Time based One-Time Password (TOTP) Support. * Selective field sharing. * Increased pin code length upto 10 digits. * Improved Enpass browser with support for custom user agent and search Engine DuckDuckGo. * UI improvement. * URL field of items now also supports more formats including third party App URLs. Keep us busy for next update by reporting bugs and issues.
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