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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I entered my login data for Windows News website and Enpass stored the data correctly. At the website the login is done by my username (not by email address). Today I downloaded the app of the Windows News website. Here the login works with the email address (not with the username). So I went back to the website entered my email address and copied the password from Enpass to the password field. Here Enpass showed the "Add new Entry" dialog. Suggestion If there is an existing entry in Enpass and the user logs in with a different username but with the same password, ask if the existing entry should be updated or if a new entry should be created. The same dialog that you show already when I enter a different password. Best regards OLLI
  2. Hi support team, Updated my Linux Lubuntu 18.10 (64 bit) with new Enpass V6.0.0.230 and then today with V6.0.1.239 and it's eating my CPU processing power after entering password. It especially locks up when entering into "Settings" section of application. As it stands the update is not very user friendly when accessing my passwords/logins and it's very slow. I don't know if any other users are experiencing this issue. The machine is a 64 bit Acer Netbook D255e and CPU is a Intel Atom N455 (1.66GHz, 512KB cache), RAM 2GB. Sure its not a modern state of the art machine but Firefox v64 runs perfectly fine and so something certainly is not right with this new update. CPU and RAM seems to be fine when program opens at password stage but as soon as I log in the UI appears to be eating up CPU % usage shoots up to extremely high percentages, RAM memory appears to be fine. Regards Anon
  3. After upgrading my One Plus 5 to the latest Android Pie build, I've encountered an issue when enabling the accessibility option for enpass. When enabled, the multi tasking windows gets extremely laggy and slow. As soon as I disabled the accessibility option, it works normal. Is this some kind of unintended bug?
  4. Hello Support, thanks for the new update and the price promotion. Today I also switched to the mobile PRO version ( iOS ). Please also provide the PRO upgrade for the traditional version ( for Windows 7 ). However, there are a lot of problems: Problems with synchronization via WebDAV: If a different dataset is available on the phone than on the WebDAV server, Enpass recognizes both datasets and shows them as well, BUT Enpass only wants to merge the datasets afterwards. This process is no synchronization! If both data records are already recognized, the user must be able to select which data record is to be synchronized. If the user should not intervene, then it must be recognized during the synchronization which data set is more current and use this as primary data set and also synchronize this ! Absolutely change !! Problems with category assignment: If a record is connected to a category, it is not displayed on the record! This is not user-friendly with an adjustment. Even if there are groups, the stored category must be visible on the record! Absolutely change !! New Tresor prevents synchronization Icon When you create a new Tresor on the Desktop Client ( Windows), the icon for the synchronization between the PC and a CloudSystem disappears in the upper left corner. Only the icon for both safes or the icon for the individual safes is displayed. The icon for the synchronization is then completely missing. If you delete the new Tresor, the icon for the Syncronisation appears again. Result: Furthermore, the look of all icons in the desktop version does not look sharp and clear anymore. The colors look blurred. Optically the predecessor version was much nicer and clearer in the picture ! Please give the user the possibility to switch between the old and the new view via a theme in the GUI. In the new version there are demonstrably more badnesses ( errors ) than to be pleased about innovations. Maybe you should have waited with the release. Please fix the serious bugs ( synchronization ) urgently.
  5. Gilrich

    Not informing about update

    I don't get notified about new versions when opening Enpass on Linux. Is this not implemented? Thanks.
  6. I'm running the 64-bit version of Fedora 26. I currently have Enpass 5.5.6 installed. My default browser is Firefox (version 57). I downloaded the new Enpass plugin for Firefox this morning. The next thing (that I think) I need to do is to upgrade Enpass to version 5.6.0. Enpass is currently installed in the "/opt/Enpass" directory. How can I get Enpass to update itself? Or alternatively, how can I do it "manually"? Thanks for your help. (Let me know if you need more information to help me.) --Tom
  7. Billys107E

    Latest Update Failing

    My Enpass desktop is not updateing and have tried multiple times and it says do you internet and i have now tried it at three different internet connections and still no joy. just shows this everytime
  8. Bjorn Lowgren

    Problem installing 5.5.2

    Installing update 5.5.2 gives error "Please quit Enpass application before continuing". Why? Enpass is not started.
  9. Today I got an update from version 5.4.6 to version 5.4.7 on Playstore. Running Android 7.1.1. All was working perfect in 5.4.6. Once updated to 5.4.7. I had an error message about sync with Webdav (owncloud) with a private certificate - as stated in the upgrade informations - . Following the instructions I disconnected, then try to reconfigure the connection to the server. No way. I get a "folder not recognized" message. Did this 4 times. Back to 5.4.6. (Thanks to having app backup) and all good again. Try to update 3 hours later.... same thing. Back on 4.5.6. and all works fine. Any idea ?