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Enpass drops master password when key file are chosen

Jonas EnP

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When I’ve written my long “masterpassword” (Swe: ”Huvudlösenord”), and forgotten to first chose the “key file” (Swe: “Nyckelfil”), then I chose the keyfile and my written master password are empty. See flow in text and images following below:


1. I write my “master password”. 
2. I press on “Chose keyfile” (Swe: “Välj Nyckelfil”). 


3. Then I chose my keyfile from library. 


4. Now when I just shall be able to press “Lås upp” (Swedish for: “Unlock”), then my Masterpassword (Swe: ”Huvudlösenord”) are empty/blank, and I can’t just unlock Enpass. I have to enter my Masterpassword a 2nd time and then unlock. 


please fix this “bug”



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I guess this still might be a minor error. 
But after I have correct installation of the app now, and don’t need to enter my password all the time, this are no longer a issue for me. 

That because since when the keyfile are chosen now, it are Always there! 
Tried to restart the phone also. Seems like keyfile are still there then. 

so this are not a issue anymore with a correct installation of the app that aren’t dropping the keyfile after app closes anymore. :) 

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