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[Linux] Enpass >= 6.1.1 freezing in Ubuntu

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I'm using Enpass which is the latest version that works properly for me. Both and tend to lock up or take a very long amount of time (minutes) when searching and displaying an entry. The UI just locks up and it takes quite some time to come back. All issues are gone once I switched back to

I'm running Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 on X11.

Please advise

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On 10/21/2019 at 8:46 PM, Wingfat said:

...how do I get the older version which works?

On 64-bit Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" (Cinnamon), I followed the Enpass instructions for adding an apt source and installing Enpass (this installed version After experiencing same/similar problems as the topic starter, I did this at a terminal (Bash shell) to downgrade to an older version (, specifically)*:

Quit/kill Enpass:

$ pkill -i enpass


Remove Enpass:

$ sudo apt-get purge enpass


Search for available Enpass packages:

$ apt-cache madison enpass


Install specific version of Enpass:

$ sudo apt-get install enpass=


To avoid upgrading Enpass during an apt-get update/upgrade:

$ sudo apt-mark hold enpass


If/when you no longer need to keep a specific version:

$ sudo apt-mark unhold enpass

*Worked for me; YMMV.

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Hi @Bebef,

Please help us with the following info:

  • Number of items and vaults in Enpass.
  • Are you using any cloud services to sync?
  • Did you change Enpass database location?


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Have a similar Problem on Ubuntu Budgie 18.04
Newest version from ppa works nice, browser extension works as well. But Copying a password via the Copy button and then pasting it will not paste anything. Copying manually is not possible anymore either, because the password cannot be marked anymore.

So for now I have to manually type Passwords.
Have openend an email query regarding this and been told the team is working on it.
Seems to be the same problem multiple users face on MacOs.

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clarified Ubuntu Budgie instead of just Budgie

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I had this exact same problem on Ubuntu 18.04.3.

Thank you Monyker - your solution works great for me. 

@Kashish, I am sync'ing to Drive, I have one vault, and I have 177 items.

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