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Format text in the notes field


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Currently, a large part of the unused space remains on the left. It would be better if formatting started from the left. Currently, the text is extremely narrow :(

A great option would be to add some simple text formatting options eg. bold, italics etc.



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I'd like to second this.

Not only do quite a few people have hundreds of logins and serials to keep track off, it's often more than worth it to keep some sort of log with them. What customer they belong to, what project, what anomalies took place, a few dates, cross relations with other accounts..

Over the years, it can grow to be quite a bit of text. It would be very helpful to have rich text formatting, to keep things clear.

I have used 1Password for some time on a few projects and it's a great password manager, but not a day went by without the thought coming up: Why can't I format my text?

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