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Amazon (Germany) TOTP page is not detected correctly

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for some reason the Enpass Browser Extension correctly detects the amazon.de login page, but the page where you have to enter the TOTP code is not recognized correctly, so the list of items to choose from in the extension is not pre-filtered to only show amazon, or matching items. This means everytime I log in to amazon, I have to search for the amazon.de item I want to use manually in the list of all items, to get the TOTP code, which is tiresome.

I use Enpass (Beta), with Enpass Extension 5.3.4 and Firefox 52.


Thanks in advance for looking into this issue, please don't hesitate to ask if you need further info.

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Hi @niemalsnever 

Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that currently the Enpass browser extension makes available some certain items for matching URL having the usernames, email addresses and passwords fields on a page. Since none of these (actionable for auto-filling ) fields is found on the TOTP page, Enpass shows only the recent items. However, we will keep on improving this.


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