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A) Now, when I am in a card (login-> standard) and make a new field, it adds the new field and I can type in the content of this new field.
When I now want to change the present name of this field that is "name of this field" I can click on the name and a dialog field opens.
-> Now I have to mark the old name and only then I can type in the new name. In an earlier version (some month or 1 year) the old name was already marked and we were able to type in directly.

B) To be exact: In an earlier version when we added a new field, (1) we clicked on the "new field" button. (2) immediately we were able to type directly in the name of this new field. (3) we pressed enter. (4) then we were directly able to write the content of this field.
->  click on the button "new field"; type in the name of the fild; press enter; type in the content of the field. Done.

-> In the present version:
(1) click on the button "new field"; (2) type in the content of the new field; (3) click "name of the field"; (4) mark old name; (5) type in the new name; enter does not work we must (6) press the save button.

-> 4 manipulations in old version (I liked it) vs. 6 manipulations in newest version.


Now when we make a new card (login-> standard) and we are finish and press "save", then the screen does show no card or any other card.

In the old versions, when we made a new card and pressed "save": After this manipulation, the just created card appeared on the screen. I liked it.


The third annoyance is brand new.
I was always able in the past to click the "generate password" button, choose "fill in". Then I was always able to click on the eye to see the password. Then I was always able to click before the first symbol and add some symbols. And then save the card.

But in the present version the behaviour is different:
The generated password is gree, because, it is a good password. But when I add some additionalk symbols bevor the automatic generated password, the colour changes into red (this was not so in the past).


Thank you for your statement.

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