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Please add 'copy' button when generating password to browser extension

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Please add a 'copy' button to the password generation section in the browser extension.

Right now there is only 'Refresh' and 'Fill and copy' but for sites where the password field is not automatically detected, there is no way to copy the password and paste it manually.

The work around is to open the desktop app, add a new login generate a password there and manually copy it into the password field. 

You can try it yourself at https://www.playgroundsessions.com/login

I have also had this problem at other sites but dont remember the address.


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Hi @norisounds

Thanks for writing in. The suggested feature "Copy" button in Password generator is already on our roadmap. However, I would like to share that when you click on "Fill  & Copy" button ( even if the password field is not automatically detected), it copies the newly created password on clipboard. 


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Hi Anshu,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I thought that the copy & fill would have copied the password to the clipboard but I realized (just now by testing again) that when I press the fill & copy button a new password is generated. So a comparison of the clipboard and password generator is different. This caused me some confusion.

you can see in the window, I just pasted the clipboard to the username field and it is different. This was confusing for me. 

Thanks for clarifying this up!




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