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Windows Hello stays on if you close the app too fast after self-lock


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If you open the app once and then leave it in the background and it locks itself after a couple of minutes, you have to again sign-in into the app. Now, if maximize the app an close it right after, it still enables Windows Hello (the red point on the camera starts blinking and searching for you) but it doesn't stopp anymore unless you restart the PC or restart the Windows Hello and Camera service.
Windows Hello still seems to work, if you open the app again, you can still sign-in with Windows Hello, but it still stays on.

This only happens to me, if you first minimize and than maximize the app. If you don't minimize it and just switch to another app, upon re-switching to Enpass it doesn't immediately ask for Windows Hello authentication, this I can close it with nothing happening.


Still a bit annoying, since I sometimes forget to not minimize the app and than I have Hello stuck until I restart some stuff or else it'll drain my batter (or just annoy me with it's blinking)

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