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Synching mutliple AppleIds to one iCloud


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Hello Forum users,

On iPhone1 with AppleID1 I synch the Enpass primary vault with iCloud. Now on iPhone2 with AppleID2 I would like to install Enpass and create a Primary vault that synchs with the same iCloud of AppleID1.

After installing and launching Enpass on iPhone2, Enpass gives me a choice of "New User" or "Previous User":

If I choose "New User" and create a Master Password for a newly created local vault, when I attempt to synch this new primary vault to iCloud, I am not give a choice of ICloud accounts.

If I choose "Previous User" and attempt to synch to iCloud, again I am not given the choice of iClouds, only the iCloud connected with AppleID2.

How do I do this?


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Hi @PWManager,

If you wish to sync the data between two different iPhones, you can certainly use same cloud service to sync the data. However, please note, the primary vault in an iPhone will always sync with the logged in Apple ID and it will not give you options to connect to another icloud account. Please follow the steps given below to setup sync between two different iPhones. 

  • Create a new vault in iPhone2.
  • Once a new vault is created, click on the settings menu and choose the newly created vault. 
  • In the vault settings, please choose setup sync option> iCloud account. 
  • Setup the sync with an iCloud account of your choice. It will ask you for the credentials and the necessary access; thus you would be able to sync the data between two different iPhones.

Please remember, while creating a secondary vault, first create a new vault and then setup sync to an iCloud account from Vault settings.

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