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Sync with pCloud

Sebastian S

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I would like to sync vaults using pCloud. But, when 2FA is enabled on pCloud, it is not possible to use the WebDAV protocol for synchronisation.

It would be great to have proper pCloud integration in Enpass for a more secure and convenient way to synchronise vaults.

I'm aware this feature has already been requested here and here. Since the first request was in 2017, I would just like to register more support for this.

Many thanks

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Hi @Sebastian S

Welcome to the forum!

I would like to share that you can sync Enpass with pCloud using WebDAV. To do so, please refer to this link. Also, we really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the development team for further consideration. Thanks for weighing in.


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Hi there,

I like the product, however adding pCloud integration would be really helpful, please DO NOT suggest WebDav as it won't work on some services when 2FA is enabled including pCloud and disabling 2FA is not the best idea :)

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