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Sync w/Google Drive from Windows 10 Desktop doesn't work anymore

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I'm using Enpass on my Windows Desktop and on my Android Phone for years. Everything worked well - until a few days ago.

Since then, Enpass on my desktop always treats me as a new user. :-(
Syncing with Google drive doesn't work: after granting access, Enpass closes immediately or shows me an error message (401).

I have revoked Enpass access and deleted the data from Google drive already. After that, I've reconfigured sync on my mobile first (that works) and then tried from the desktop. Same behaviour as described above. :-(

My Enpass version: 6.42.662.0
Windows- Version: 1909 (18363.836)

Any ideas?

I should mention I'm an IT guy. So scope of answer can be "Professionals only". :-)



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Hey @JVo

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We are already aware of this issue. Our Dev team is working on it and the update with the fixes will be available soon. Please stay tuned for the new update and let us know if the problem still persists after the updated version.

Thanks for understanding!

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