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Command + Q kills the app in the title bar


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When you press Command + Q on macOS when the Enpass Assistant or its full window is open, it not only closes the window itself, but it kills the whole app. This removes its icon from the title bar, so you can no longer activate the assistant with a keyboard shortcut. You have to open it manually again.

IMHO, the icon in the title bar should be independent from the application windows; these should be different processes, or at least Command + Q should only close the window, instead of killing the whole process.

Will be grateful if you consider a change here. Thank you!

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Hey @Garima Singh,

Thanks for your response. I checked some other apps that I use, that display an icon in the title bar: Google Drive, Docker, Spectacle. And they either prevent you from closing their window with Command + Q, or let you close the window without closing the title bar icon. Please take into consideration the fact, that the title icon is a tool: it lets you quickly access passwords with a keyboard shortcut. When you switch it off, shortcuts do not work.

From my point of view as w user, the Enpass window with passwords is an independent application. It is unexpected behavior that when you close the window with Command + Q, the tool is killed along. It would be great if you could do something about it. For me it is natural to close apps with Command + Q, and it is natural for me to close the Enpass window this way as well – it is quick and convenient. Sure, I can also close it with Command + W, but this shortcut is reserved for closing individual app windows and tabs, not apps themselves. As long as the Enpass window is a single window, it is unnatural from my point of view to use Command + W for closing it. And I'm constantly killing the title bar tool coincidentally...

Best regards,


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