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Browser Extension Shortcut not working for specific AWS Login Pages

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The Browser shortcut works great, but I have noticed that on Account Alias Login Pages on AWS Console that when the focus is on an input the shortcut doesn't work.
I have to click off of the input then the shortcut works.

I am using Firefox Developer Edition 56.0b12 and Enpass 5.6.0 on Mac 10.12.6

I can't paste the link to it as it has a token it in.
So you can get to that login page by going to:
Then adding a random account ID like "happy" then click next.
There you will see a login with 3 fields.  Account ID, IAM User, and Password.
Whenever on that page with one of the fields having focus the Shortcut doesn't do anything.

For now I am just clicking off of the inputs, but it is annoying.
It may be an issue of AWS blocking it or something, but I have many accounts that I need to use for it and would really appreciate some insight.


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