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iCloud reauthentication daily needed on Big Sur

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I upgraded last week to macOS Big Sur 11.1 and see now for a couple of days that on each day I need to reauthenticate to iCloud. Afterwards the sync works fine but it's pretty annoying. Could imagine that new AppleID login screen, which I can confirm with TouchID, causes some trouble?

Using Enpass via AppStore, so version 6.5.2. My Mac is an MBP 13 from 2017 with Safari as primary browser.

Thanks for the help.

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Hey @Garima Singh,

thanks for your reply. I followed as in the FAQ and then enabling it, it was just done without any login page or dialog from Apple. At least something seems to be different.

At the moment the sync is working, so let's see if tomorrow is still working or wants to reauthenticate. I'll keep you updated.

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