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Sync Failure - how does enpass react?

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We have a local self hosted nextcloud. Let's say I don't really want or care about sync when I am not at home. So, enpass will sync when home, and, when I leave home, it will have no access to the local ip of the nextcloud server at home. It will fail to sync (of course). So, how does nextcloud react then? Will it continually try to sync to a 192.168. address and burn cellular data? Will it try once and figure out it can't connect? Something else?

What I want to ensure is it isn't burning up cell data trying to connect to an IP that it can't connect to. Maybe I'm gone a week, don't want to burn up a lot of data.

Now before you just say turn off cellular data for enpass.... At rare times, I may actually WANT to sync, and during those times, I might vpn in and then the local ip is reachable. Would it then retry? I guess I am wanting both cases, not to endlessly retry, but, do retry when network changes.

And then it's possible I am sitting in a hotel. This is not cellular, and again, might be endlessly retrying to connect. Or, maybe it knows it will never connect to 192.168 addresses as they are reserved on the internet?

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