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How (and why) to use sections and custom fields


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I have a banking portal into which I must key a company number and a user Id and then a new page is presented and I have to enter a password. How can i save the company number and have it auto filled? I see where I can enter a "Custom Field" but there is no place to enter the autofill value. Why have custom fields if you can't use them?

For what are sections used? I have read the documentation and it describes how to enter a section but not when and why to do so.

Would you clarify how and why to use custom fields and sections and how to get more than just user ID and password autofilled?

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Hi Hi @ChuckL,

Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us.

Regarding custom field and section we would like to inform you that custom fields/sections are not meant for autofilling. They are to save the things related to that item.

Currently, Enpass only saves/autofill if there are username and password field in the same page. In your case, as  you mentioned password field is on the next page Enpass can't save or help you in autofilling. However, we have noted down your feedback and forwarded it to the concerned team for further consideration.


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