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Add ability to change passwords with one click.


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Hey @Ahmer

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

The feature of changing the password of any account locally with one-click is not practical with Enpass for two reasons:

  1. Complex User experience: Being an offline password manager, all your passwords are kept at your devices only. So the change of password have to take place on your system, which would require lot of automated steps typically involving;  browser opening → auto-filling old password to login → navigating to change password page → setting up new password and reverting back to Enpass on successful change. Browsers force various limitations to automate these steps and non standard nature of websites further convoluted the user experience. The user experience could have been better in case the process has been executed in our server by sending your password there (like the password manager you have shared is doing), but that is against our privacy policy as at any point of time we do not keep your data on our server.
  2. Evolving security practices by Websites: All the steps, I mentioned above, to change a password need to be scripted in a flow. But websites  these days randomly add additional authentication pages (2FA, Security questions etc) that doesn't align with the script and results in failure of process.
  3. Since every website need a separate script, the list of websites supporting automatic password changer can't be satisfactory long.

Thanks for your understanding and let me know if you have any query.

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