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Panel Resizing and Right Panel Has Wasted Space


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The UI has three panels.  It would be nice to have the Category/Tags and Items panels being able to be able to expand them by about twice their current size limitation.  The right panel that has the currently displayed Item being shown wastes a lot of screen real estate.  There is a big gap on the left of the right pane that is just empty space.  The item that is being displayed should left justify against this pane instead of displaying in the middle of the pane.

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I'm not totally sure if this is the good topic but yes, we are not able to resize the left and middle panel sufficient enough in order to view all contents.

Check the screenshot I added, I can't make wider the middle panel and so I can't view all the entries titles.


Screenshot taken on KDE desktop (up-to-date) on a standard 4k screen, default configuration.



So, @Pratyush Sharma, do you have any ETA about the resolution of this issue ?




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Hi @Abhishek Dewan,

Thanks for the reply.

Like you wrote, "adjust the columns to a certain degree", and to be more precise, I can adjust :

  • the width of the left column (using right edge) between 150px min to 260px - and I won't say no to 100 more pixels...
  • the width of the middle column (using right edge too) between 240px to 280px - and clearly, here, it's absolutely not enough and annoying.

Sure, I'll be patient :) but do you any ETA for some fixes ?

Thanks again.

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