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Enpass Shutting down Syncing with Online Cloud Services!!!!!


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I dont know what is going on, Ive never ever had any issues with Enpass until this week. All of a sudden, it tells me that my Onedrive account credentials need resolving, but refuses the password I gave it (even though it is verified CORRECT), I switch all my devices over to dropbox and syncing is working fine, **NOW** it is doing the same with Dropbox. Can an Enpass Engineer confirm what is going on??? 



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Hi @Redeemer,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

We would like to inform you that if you had changed the master password of Enpass on any device, other devices will be prompted to change the master password via the "Resolve Now" screen. Did you change the master password on any other device before received that prompt?

Also, let us know the Devices OS, and Enpass version so we can help you better.

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