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Mac Desktop Search VERY slow


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Searching for my email address takes MORE THAN 15 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!

I never saw such slow searching!

Database contains 1836 records

Completely UNUSABLE in Mac 


Mac - Core i9 MacBook Pro 16" with NO FREEZEs in other apps

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please let us know the following details so we can help you better:

  • Which Enpass version are you using?
  • Are you facing this issue after the latest update? If no, then please let us know from which version you are facing this issue.
  • Is only the searching is slow or the other operations like switching between categories in sidebar, editing or adding new items are also affected?


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Version 6.6.1 (804) Mac App Store

Such slow behavior was always.

Loading ALL records (after clear search field) - about 5-10 seconds

Loading ALL records first time (after restart 5-10 seconds)

Switching between categories - 1-3 seconds


Adding new items (after pressing save) - 5-10 seconds (and app freezes)



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Same thing here (since day one..), currently 6.6.3 (840) MAS running on macOS 11.4 (had this issue with previous versions on Catalina as well)

- Sync via Webdav seems to cause extreme lagging when updating/editing and copying entries as syncing seems to "block" the app
- VERY slow search in the Main Window
- VERY slow search in any Browser Extension
- Browser-Extension-Window often needs to be closed and re-opened in order to show matching elements

Total number of vaults: 1
Enabled to show all counts for the sidebar: No

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Similar issue here. Search takes a couple of seconds, sometime up to 10 seconds...

Syncing only via iCloud, I have two vaults both synced. In total about 900 entries.

Switching between is ok here, takes about 200ms, searching really slow, almost to a point where it is unuseable.

Adding an entry also is slow, takes a couple of seconds, and the app freezes during that time.

I did not enable to show all counts on the sidebar.

on iOS search seems to be faster.

I use V6.6.3 (840) of enpass. 

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@Gulshan Dogra

I think this is affecting all users (I know other Enpass users who all encounter the same issue, all with 1500+ entries in their single vaults) – in my opinion this should be worked on with the highest priority as it really massively affects usability and is straightforward "visible" to anyone..

Even though I paid multiple times for Enpass already (iOS, mac, pro + premium) I also think about switching back to 1Password as this is not only annoying but blocking my workflow and often enough these app freezes lead to a crash of the whole app.

WiFi Sync etc. are nice features but this – adding / editing / searching for passwort-entries – is core-functionality of a password manager.


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