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Bug report: The extension causes accessibility problems

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I found that focusing any input element makes the extension do strange things. The bug can make keyboard-only usage of the entire website impossible. At first, I thought it's a browser bug, so I even asked a question on stackoverflow, only to find out that it's in fact caused by this extension.

The problem doesn't actually seem to have anything to do with passwords at all. You can find a description, including an example, in this codesandbox (if you have no technical understanding, just ignore the code part on the left and focus on the rendered part on the right): https://codesandbox.io/s/input-element-destroys-focus-behaviour-bydvv

Note that the input field does not even have type="password".

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Hello @Timon

Welcome to the Enpass Community Forums.

Thank you for sharing the details of the issue you are facing with the inline autofill. I will be sharing this with the concerned team to investigate it further. Your patience is highly appreciated here. Also, it would be so helpful if you can share the website URL with the browser version details with us. 




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Hi Manish,

thanks for sharing it with the concerned team.

On 12/9/2021 at 8:50 AM, Manish Chokwal said:

Also, it would be so helpful if you can share the website URL with the browser version details with us

The bug is not limited to a specific website. I think the example that I attached should be more than sufficient.

I found the bug in various chromium browsers, Chrome and Vivaldi, and on both Windows and Mac. My Chrome is up to date (version 96.0.4664.55)

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Hi @Timon,

I would like to share that the issue has been reproduced and our concerned team is working on its fix. However, it requires some additional information. Please save, and share the webpage where this issue is occurring. You can refer following steps:

  1. On your Chrome browser, open the webpage on which the issue is occurring.
  2. Use the command “Ctrl+S“  to save the webpage to your Desktop.
  3. An HTML file and a folder of that webpage will be saved on your PC. Select both documents and compress them into a ZIP file.
  4. Then share that ZIP file with us at support@enpass.io and we will get this issue further investigated.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance. 

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I think i have the same issue with the Chrome / Firefox enpass addon on MacOS.

On certain Forms, the Input Focus acts erratically.

For eg. i can't select another Menu or Text-input field. The Input Focus snaps immediately back.

It partially works when i use Keyboard and tab through the fields, but makes propper work impossible.

Disable the Enpass Addon in Chrome and Firefox and BINGO works again.

There seems to be a lot of focus switching happening when i was trying to work with it.



(Assumption) Lately a certain account gets locked again and again.

As it looks now, when i try to log in, i immediatly get "Invalid user / password" and the User gets locked in the AD.

It seems, that the addon fires a lot Input Focus events with incomplete data to the server.

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I found an example of a standard site where the "focus" problem occurs: lastpass.com. I was trying to change a login from the web app with the enpass extension active and I couldn't activate the notes field. The same thing happens if, while modifying a login, you enter "edit forms fields" (the icon in the shape of a wrench): there, after clicking on "add form field" it is impossible to select the values from the combobox "field type" with the mouse, while you can do that with the keyboard. Can you check if you also encounter the same problem? 

Thank you!

I'm using Enpass (6.7.4 (933)) on windows 10 and the extension (6.7.4) on Chrome

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I have exactly the same problem on multiple websites. Focus just snaps back to 1 specific field, causing dropdowns and other fields to become unusable. Disabling the extension fixes the problem.

I have this on both firefox and chrome, and on Windows 11 and a MacBook Pro. No problem with Keeper Security password manager.

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Hey everyone - here's an easy place to reproduce this bug: Google's products!

Go to Gmail. Open the sidebar where the calendar lives. Now try to add an appointment, or modify an existing one, or whatever. Especially if you invite someone to said appointment. You will be totally unable to use the sidebar. No cancelling, no saving, no nothing. Same issue in all Google products: drive, docs, sheets, etc.

Very frustrating. Please fix!

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