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Specify element id's for autofill


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I love enpass, but sometimes I'm slightly annoyed with the autofill. There are some credentials that has three or fields to fill in when logging in (excluding OTP), this usually doesn't work so well as it fills in the username field for all other fields. It would be nice to specify an element ID on a webpage to be filled in with a specific element within Enpass. Additionally, I use a lot of SSO, however, the login may vary from just a username to an email. I'd like to contain all of it within one item, however it will always fill in either the username or the email. Again, allowing me to specify and override the default autofill with element ID's for specific websites would resolve this issue as well.


Thank you for Enpass, it truly is amazing to use 99% of the time!

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Hi @Omricon,

Welcome to the Enpass community.

I am glad that you liked our product.

2 hours ago, Omricon said:

I'd like to contain all of it within one item,

You can autofill multiple login details in one item by first saving the details as Webform. When on the specific website, fill the fields you want Enpass to save and autofill. Then click on Enpass extension on your browser -> Hamburger Icon(Menu) ->  Save Webform. This will save all the details as Webform. Next time during the autofill, please select the item of webform which you saved. Also refer to this link to know more about Webform.



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