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Weird floating Enpass Icon doing nothing


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A couple of weeks I had to confirm a dialogue on android that enpass may display stuff in front of other apps - then this weird button (photos) with the enpass logo appeared and I have no clue where I can turn it off. It seems kinda useless, does nothing, not even on a Website with a form to fill. It can either float in the middle of the screen, can be docked to the left or right side of the screen and can also be minimized by swiping to the corresponding side. 

Does anybody know, how this element is called and where you can turn it of in the enpass / android settings? Thanks!




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Thank you for the tip, I didn't thought of this possibility and would not have found a solution without it. 

It was not a bubble that could be deactivated in the apps menu but an option in "Accessibility > Installed Apps > Enpass" where you have to turn off the "Enpass Shortcut".

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