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Google Wallet for payment methods but Enpass for passwords?

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Hey all, I'm using the extension in chrome and the settings don't seem detailed enough to allow Chrome to use saved payment methods while allow Enpass to autofill passwords. If I try to disable this in chrome's "payment method" settings, it disables the Enpass extension entirely. Do I just need to get over it and put my credit cards into Enpass? Or, am I missing something that could enable my desired behaviour?




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Hi @Ian

To maintain the smooth functioning of the Enpass Extension and a seamless auto-filling experience, the “Payment Methods” in the Chrome browser is handled by Enpass Extension. As Enpass safely secures your passwords, login information, documents, payment methods etc, Google’s password manager will hinder the auto-filling process, which will impact the overall user experience with our application.

Moreover, Enpass extension controls the mentioned behavior when you have enabled “Set as default” from extension settings. Firstly you can fill payments from the Enpass extension by first adding them in Enpass. Secondly, if you want to fill through chrome saved payments and think Enpass is blocking it, you can disable “Set as Default”. However, we don’t recommend this workaround as if enabled, then the chrome popup and Enpass inline menu will get displayed where the chrome popup will always be on top of the inline menu.

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Abhishek could you please explain why this has suddenly become the case?

Enpass extension and Chrome's payment methods were happily co-existing until the latest update to the Enpass chrome extension. Is this something Enpass chose to implement or is it forced on Enpass due to changes in the Chrome extensions API? 

I was quite happy to have my payments handled by Chrome and passwords by Enpass so I would like to know if I want to continue managing my payment methods in Chrome, is my only choice to uninstall and stop using Enpass?

(and an answer to copy & paste passwords out of Enpass into Chrome for me would be essentially the same as being told to stop using Enpass).

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