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Using Enpass on Chrome Books


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I'm using Enpass on many devices (Windows, Linux, Android) without issues.

The Android App also works Chrome Books,

BUT with problems:

  1. I cannot use the fingerprint reader of the Chrome Book to login to Enpass.
    Is there a way to use the Fingerprint reader of the Chrome book within an Android app?
  2. After a short time (about 1 minute) I'm getting locked out from Enpass, if Enpass beeing in backgroud.
    No matter the security settings of Enpass (lock time is set to hours!)
    I even cannot use my PIN to enter,I have to use the password.

 I think both ptoblems are connected with the architecture of chrome os, but is there a workaround?

Kind Regards,


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Hi @eaglef

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

Our development team is aware of the demand for fingerprint reader support on Chromebook. This feature request may be included in future Enpass releases even though we have not yet received any specific version updates.

Regarding Enpass getting locked and requiring master password instead of PIN, I would like to share that Enpass requires Master Password in the following scenarios (even if the PIN is enabled):

·       When the app is closed manually.

·       The device is rebooted.

·       When too many apps are active in the device background (in this case OS automatically kills some apps to claim memory).

·       Similarly, if a user is running the device in power saver mode, or has installed a third-party app that kills background applications.

Please check the settings of your device once and look for any third-party applications which may be interfering in this case.



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