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PassKey Storage & Sync in Enpass


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Passkeys are foreseen as the future and are meant to end passwords as we know them.

Still, they have one major pitfall: cross platform sync.

I strongly believe that Enpass should hop on this train and support it asap. Other big names are already hopping in (Passkeys: the future of authentication in 1PasswordPasskeys in Dashlane – Dashlane, https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitwarden/comments/xpywl7/comment/iq6lrq2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) and it will be a key differentiator.

It does not look good, because Webauthn - one of the foundations of passkeys is (was?) not on the roadmap: Support WebAuthn - Feature requests - Enpass Discussion Forum


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With articles seeming to pop up every month like this one about Dashlane supporting passkeys or 1Password supporting passkeys by this summer, or with big names like Google, Microsoft, and Apple committing to support for FIDO standards, it makes me question -- is Enpass going to stay ahead of the curve and prioritize passkeys into the Enpass roadmap, or are we going to get left behind playing catch up for the next few years?

I know the list of sites currently supporting passkeys is still small, but the list is ever-growing and this seems to be the future that is coming. With big tech adopting passkeys, seems like smaller sites will soon follow suit (see Microsoft, Paypal and Google)

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With the stable release of the FIDO PassKey specification across Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, the future seems to be moving away from passwords - finally!

For Enpass, supporting these seems like the logical next step. It's a great cross-platform tool for syncing an encrypted vault, and syncing a PassKey is really nothing more than syncing a private key. It's more data, so it might require architectural work (treating passkeys like attachments under the hood, assigned to their own files, for better incremental sync), but I think it's achievable.

An MVP implementation might start with only QR code-based auth, and implement OS/browser integrations later as the platforms begin to provide APIs for it.

1Password is rolling out support for them this year, and I think it would put Enpass would be at a long term competitive disadvantage if support wasn't planned.

Enpass remains my favorite tool thanks to the "dumb" local encryption and sync options it provides, and I hope to continue to be able to use it as we transition slowly off of passwords for authentication.

All the best, Enpass team!

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Hi @Noah Williams

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the possibility of Enpass supporting PassKey, which is gaining popularity across different platforms. As an FIDO Alliance member, we are dedicated to providing a secure solution for managing passwords, and our team is already aware of the request for this feature, rest assured, Enpass will provide support for PassKeys soon.

We also agree with you that supporting a PassKey, will be a logical step for Enpass, given our core focus on providing a secure, cross-platform tool for syncing encrypted vaults.

Once again, we thank you for your valuable feedback and for choosing Enpass as your preferred password manager.

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