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Enpass jumps to different / random record after saving


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I am running Enpass MS Store version 6.91.1512.0 on Windows 11.

Enpass jumps to a random record after changing a any value.

I have around 1200 items in my valut. I have to change all the items one by one and this is extremely frustrating.
Scrolling items is very slow and often randomly jumps to other items.

+ this graphical glitches when i searching 



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Thank you @Abhishek Dewan

I did a backup, deleted all the app files, did a clean install and the problem still persists.

When you delete an item or save a change to an item from the vault, the list jumps to the beginning or randomly to another item in the vault.

....and this:


Tried turning off loading service icons from internet but no change.

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Hi @maxXx

Following an extensive investigation into this matter, we have effectively reproduced the identified bug. Our committed development team is currently focused on resolving this issue as a matter of utmost importance. Moreover, future updates will incorporate the required fixes for this glitch. We genuinely appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this interim period.

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5 hours ago, Abhishek Dewan said:

Hi @threadstone

Our development team is aware of this bug and is already working on fixing this concern. Once a patch for this issue is released, I will be sure to notify you on this forum. Your patience in the meantime is appreciated.

Thank you very much for the fast feedback (here and also at my support ticket).

I hope it will be fixes very fast because it's really a annoying bug.

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