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Formatted text in the Notes field

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I've been using Enpass for a few years now on my desktop and android phone, and this morning I thought I'd try and tidy up some of the secure notes I have in my wallet. Just having some formatted text in them would make them more readable. Nothing fancy, just some headings/bold/italics/etc.

I was about to add a feature request for this functionality, but thought I'd test it first.

So I created test note with some HTML markups and some wiki markdowns to see if this would work.  The HTML markups did work after a fashion.  It gave me an h1 heading, an hr and some bold and italics in the text. So that was promising. But then when I went to re-edit the note all the markups had been stripped out, as had all the line breaks, and I was left with a mass of ascii on a singe long line.

Am I missing something here? Is this possible? If not could such functionality be added?



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