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Multiple local applications using Active Directory account


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Hi there, I am really happy to have come across your password manager software, I have already moved everything over, purchased mobile versions and shut down the paid software i was using.


My feature request is based on the use case of having multiple systems at work and at home using single sign-on or AD/LDAP for authentication which equals a lot of accounts with the same username and password.

Is there a way to make a primary account (for example, "Active Directory Creds" and assign multiple sites underneath that entry to use the same logon information?)


Right now I have 

App1 - username/password

App2 - username/password

App3 - username/password

App4 - username/password


Would like to have something similar to


Account Description - Username\password

associated to App1

associated to App2

associated to App3

associated to App4


Does this make sense?  I really want to clean up everything and not have 20 entries for the same credentials through AD.





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