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Where is the WiFi Sync for Enpass 6?

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On 5/8/2020 at 1:15 PM, Garima Singh said:

Hey @cano

Thanks for showing your interest.

We appreciate your support on this feature request. Please note that we already have a feature request for the same and aligned for implementation.


Dear Garima

Are you kidding? Two years ago, you guys already promised  to release this feature. Then it got completely quiet. 

Maybe you should consult with your bosses to find out that the feature was canceled a long time ago.



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Well....i am glad that i switched to mSecure.

This discussion has ended for me! It shows again how Enpass treats their customers.


mSecure works perfect on all my devices... Samsung A 51, desktop Windows 10 and Surface 3 Windows 10 tablet.

The program works great,  backup and restore functions are good and the wifi sync is super!


Sorry Enpass....you deserve this!

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Enpass (macOS 10.15.6) - v6.5.0 (700) & Enpass (iOS 14.0) - v6.5.1 (483)

...and still no Sync via WiFi.

Will this ever be implemented as promised?

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I have commented on this sync issue before.  You guys may not care as you already have my money, but I stopped recommending your program to others months ago, and now I am actively looking for another password keeper.  The fact you don't have a true sync, either by cable, wi-fi or blue tooth is just do not fit me needs.  I am surprised more people haven't dumped you over this issue.  

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