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Regex support in the url


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Hello. It's should be very cool and usable if you'll add regex support for url in the browser plugin.

For example. I am IT engineer and I must work with too many our web-services. First pool of names is git1.server.com, git2.server.com, git3.server.comб git4.server.com, and for this servers I use LDAP credentials.

Second pool is api.server1.com, api.server2.com, api.server3.com and this servers accept the other credentials.

Third pool - dns-auth-sydney.internal, dns-auth-kyiv.internal, dns-auth-london.internal...

And combinations like those are too much. I just want add new field - "regex URL" that supports grep expressions and put there regex URL like: git[:digit:].server.com or [^]api.server[:digit:].com or dns-auth-[:lower:][.].internal and autofill will wokr in the browser for all URL that match this regex

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