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Support for app-password (two-step verification) and OneDrive

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I am using the Enpass 5.6 on Mac.
I store the enpass files in OneDrive.

I have enabled two-step verification for my OneDrive account and now I need to re-login every time i want to SYNCHRONIZE, becasuse I cannot use the fallback option (app password) since the login method used by enpass relies on the browser.

The problem comes from the fact that the login method used for loggin to OneDrive does not support APP PASSWORD.

Le me know if it is ever gonna be fixed in future /future versions.



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You should be able to get around this by going to portal(dot)office(dot)com/account.  Click on Security & Privacy, then Additional Security Verification and Create and Manage App Passwords.

Create an app password.  This password bypasses 2FA and can be used simultaneously across multiple browsers and/or machines.

Works great for us.  I have 23 users on 2 accounts.  They use Outlook (desktop), Roundcube, OneNote, and Sharepoint regularly.

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hello Brian,

thank you for your answer.

Yes, I did setup app-password to workaround two factor authentication BUT Enpass doesn't support app-password since it authenticates against OneDrive using the browser login, hence the app-password cannot be used.

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