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Windows10 Mobile : Enpass6 will come?

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Hello Enpass team,

I'm waiting for Enpass 6 for Windows10 Mobile. But no beta released yet.

You wrote on Blog:

Here comes the Edge Extension for Enpass, and few changes along the way


But all that change doesn’t mean we’re going off Windows 10 Mobile with the next release. We have a strong community of Windows users, and as long as they are rocking a Windows 10 Mobile device, we’ll make sure Enpass is available with regular updates. We’ll just refresh the current UWP app to the newer app at the time.


And you also wrote on Blog comment:

Enpass for Windows: Which version should I use?


Hey, everyone!
Take our word that the Enpass UWP app is not going anywhere until the time we upgrade the bridged app to a more modern UI and bring in all the signature Windows 10 experiences (yes, Windows Hello & Cortana, too!) which users of our UWP app are already familiar with.
The UWP app users, you'll not regret any single penny spent on the app, we promise.


Are these statements a lie?

Sometimes other users asked questions about Enpass 6 for Windows 10 Mobile on blogs and Twitter, but there are no clear answers or continue to be ignored.
It's too insincere.

I know that Windows 10 Mobile have low share, but OS support is continuing.
If Windows 10 Mobile does not have Enpass 6, it will be out of sync with other platforms. I invested in enpass for Windows Mobile support.

You should keep the promise you wrote in the blog and support UWP users not to regret any single penny.

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