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macOS, webDAV: Self-signed certificate not working


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I am using a local webdav server with a self signed certificate which I imported into my login Keychain and marked as trusted. In Enpass 5 that worked without a warning as expected but in Enpass 6 I get the red warning and I am only able to use the server if I disable the certificate check. Please fix this, thanks!

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@Anshu kumar This is very important! Please look into it!

It seems like visual issues get a much higher priority than security problems. I don't get it.


edit: It did some more testing and found out that it does work if I use a certificate that is signed by a ca that is marked as trusted in the keychain. This works for me now but I still think it should work with a self signed certificate that has been marked as trusted.

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sorry for reuse this topic from last year, but I I have the same problem under macOS, too.

I have added my own root-certificate (public-key from my ca) into the MacOs-keychain and marked the certificate as trusted. But I still get the error-message from enpass, that the certificate isn't valid. Under iOS, enpass works fine without activating the switch to bypass the certificate-check. 

if I access the web-frontend of the webdav-server via https, the certificate is shown as valid. 


@jankkm, @Anshu kumar do you have any idea, why enpass think that the certificate isn't trustworthy?

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